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Tasha's Fiction and Ramblings

Original Fiction and Fanfiction

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Tasha's Blog
Vampire Love
WK Pet Telepath
The Lair
Welcome to my blog. I'm an author, among other things, and here you will find my general babble, links to my fanfic and links to my original fiction as well as information about it and the small press I help run.

I have been on the internet for what feels like forever, but I'm pretty sure it was only since 1995. Very useful place when doing a PhD is the internet, although not as useful then as it is now. Good for distraction too.

Not that I realised it at the time, but I have been writing fanfic since my early teens and when I found it online was hooked. I firmly believe that fanfiction is a wonderful tool for writers to perfect parts of their craft. As long as people are not making money off of someone else's copyright, I think it can only help a fandom by spreading the love.

I have also been writing original fiction since I was very young. Original fiction shares some skill with fanfiction as well as requiring certain ones which fandom does not exercise well. Writing had been one of my favourite passtimes for just about as long as I can remember, fueled, of course by reading.

You may be wondering why this blog is called beren_writes, which is simple, Beren is my fanfic pseudonym. The name Beren is a shortening of Berengaria (wife of Richard the Lionheart) and I chose it as a pen name because I once wrote a character of that name and my real name was taken on one of the archives when I first started writing HP fanfic.

Friending Policy I do love having friends on LJ and so if your journal contains things I'm interested in reading there is a good possibility I will friend you back. Most of the content on my journal is unlocked, so even if I don't you shouldn't have a problem. I've only posted a handful of things flocked, ever.
Original Fiction
Wittegen Press

Along with my twin sister, Sophie, I run an independent UK publishing company called Wittegen Press. That is our logo to the right.

We publish eBooks on a small scale, through Amazon, Smashwords and other eBook distributors.
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Wittegen Press
At the moment I am in the middle of moving all my fanfiction content to my fanfiction comm beren_fic_only. There will still be links to it here on this journal, but I am planning to keep all the content over there.

Some of you may be wondering what fanfiction is, well it's simple, it is fiction written either about characters from an existing universe, e.g. Harry Potter, or fiction written about celebrities, e.g. fiction about musicians or ice skaters. Fanfic for fictional characters is called FPF - Fictional Person Fiction and fanfic for real people is called RPF - Real Person Fiction.

No money is made from fanfiction, because that would be illegal. It's just for fun.

My Fanfiction

Listing of All My American Idol FicsFiction mostly about the musician Adam Lambert and those who have been associated with him.RPF
Listing of All My Anime FicsFiction about Anime (Japanese cartoons) fandoms.FPF
Listing of All My Avatar FicsFiction based on James Cameron's AvatarFPF
Listing of All My Avengers FicsFiction based on Avengers 2012 and the other movies in the series.FPF
Listing of All My Blood Ties FicsFiction based on the Blood Ties TV show (vampires)FPF
Listing of All My Cinema Bizarre FicsFiction about the German band Cinema BizarreFPF
Listing of All My Crossover FicsListing of fiction that uses two or more universes.FPF, RPF
Listing of All My Harry Potter FicsFiction for JK Rowling's Harry Potter novels.FPF
Listing of All My Highlander FicFanfiction for Highlander the television show.FPF
Listing of All My Ice Skating FicFiction about ice skaters, most notably Johnny Weir.RPF
Listing of All My Jrock FicsFiction about Japanese rocks stars, mostly Hyde and Gackt.RPF
Listing of All My Killerpilze FicFiction about the German band KillerpilzeFPF
Listing of All My Merlin FicsFiction about BBC's MerlinFPF, RPF
Listing of All My Moon Child FicsFiction for Gackt's movie Moon ChildFPF
Listing of All My Panik FicsFiction for the German band Panik (previously known as Nevada Tan)RPF
Listing of All My Primeval FicsFiction for the Primeval TV show.FPF
All My Sherlock FicsFiction for Steven Mofat's Sherlock.FPF
Listing of All My Supernatural FicsFiction for the Supernatural TV show.FPF
Listing of All My Teen Wolf FicFiction about the TV show Teen WolfFPF
Listing of All My Tokio Hotel FicFiction about the German band Tokio HotelRPF
Listing of All My Trek FicsFiction for the reboot Trek movie.FPF
Listing of All X-men First Class FanworksFiction and art for the X-men: First Class movie.FPF
Listing of All My Misc Fandoms Fics(fandoms that probably will never have more than one or two stories)FPF,RPF

Fanfic Headers
Now most people who write fanfic want to make sure that everyone who reads their fanfiction knows exactly what they are getting and doesn't have any nasty shocks. Hence the majority of us use headers. This is the header I use:

Title: Another Fanfic Title
Author: Beren
Fandom: e.g. American Idol S8 RPS or Harry Potter or Tokio Hotel RPS
Pairing: This will indicate the major relationships in the fic, e.g. Harry/Draco or Harry/Ginny etc.
Rating: This will give you an indication for which audience the fiction is designed (see rating system below).
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, the real people in it are used without their permission and I definitely don't own them or have any copyright to any part of any of them. I do not believe any of this happened, is likely to happen or should happen it is simply a story created around known facts about those involved.
Warnings: Ay triggery type subjects will be listed here, or anything that I consider some people might not wish to read e.g. character death or threesome.
Summary: This is where I will tell you about the plot of the fic to try and entice you to read it.
Author's Notes: This is where I say anything else I have to say and thank my beta reader(s).
Word count: just what is says on the tin.
My Fanfic Listings (LJ) | My Fanfic Listings (DreamW)

Fanfic Ratings
There are different rating systems in different fandoms, but I go with the simple one which is similar to movie ratings, but not quite.

G/U Suitable for everyone to read.
PG Not suitable for the very young.
PG13/12 Designed for teens and above - may have sexual relationships mentioned, but will not descibe anything specific.
R/15 Will have some semi-explicit sex and/or violence.
NC17/18 Will have some explicit sex and/or violence.
Gackt and Hyde
Adorable Johnny Weir
Tokio Hotel LOL
Men of Ice
Adam Lambert
HP - Draco
Underworld - Hybrid
Moon Child
Emo Timo
Merlin - Insanity
Cinema Bizarre - Adorkable

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