Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Wip meme! (gakked from meeshyickle)

Take any currently unfinished fics you have and write the first line/paragraph from each.

Harry rolled over and blinked up at the ceiling, letting the last of his dreams fade away.

Any Other Day:
It all started out as if it was any other day, everyone was at breakfast and everything was as it should have been: and then Draco Malfoy received an owl.

Consanesco Corpus:
“Consanesco corpus,” Harry held his wand in a death grip as he cast the spell at the limp figure lying in the corridor.

It was not exactly the way Harry expected to die.

So intent on ignoring his relatives was Harry that he did not even notice when, well into the journey, the bickering escalated into an argument. (Although this isn't actually the beginning, but I haven't written that yet ;)).

Integration (Coming together 2):
“You’re brooding again, J, I can tell,” Draco said quietly as he looked down at his lover’s unruly dark hair.

Offspring (tentative plan for GTS3 and no it isn't mpreg):
"Children," Draco said suddenly from where he was reading a copy of the Prophet.

Quad (no proper title yet):
Harry had hoped that climbing on the train to school would make him feel better, but if anything he felt worse.

Blood, Curses and Poison:
Something was being pressed against his mouth, something warm and wet and liquid dripped over his lips onto his tongue.

Balance (tentative title):
Harry Potter walked out of the Wizarding world on his sixteenth birthday; literally through a wall.

Corruption Sequence 4:
Harry woke slowly, which, these days was unusual for him, and opened his eyes feeling rested and relaxed.

A fic involving Remus, Draco and Harry - no title as yet:
The first turning point of Draco's life happened on the thirteenth of May during his sixth year.

At the time he had decided how to enter Hogwarts it had seemed like a good idea, but then when he was with his relatives many things felt like a good idea, which when he was no longer with the fun loving Fae, appeared a little over the top.

Blood-Ties 2:
Gryffindor showers as it turned out were no different from Slytherin showers, except maybe they were a little warmer and they contained Gryffindors.

From the Ashes:
Harry left the evening tutorial lesson quickly without waiting for the other two.

Hp/LotR xover (no title):
In Draco's opinion breaking into Voldemort's headquarters and killing him had been a master stroke on the part of the Light. Completely forgetting to implement a plan for the hero of the wizarding world to escape after having exterminated the Dark Lord was the flaw in the whole enterprise.

Mpreg fic (no title):
When the three random hexes collided in the duel with the fleeing Death Eaters and then collided with Harry, he ended up in St Mungo's for three days.

Older Harry/Draco fic (no title):
Tom was not a picky landlord; as long as the guests paid the bill and did not cause trouble he rarely objected to anyone staying.

A fic previsionally called Plants:
Harry clutched his damaged arm to his chest, trying to move through the pain that consumed him.

Power of Two 2:
Returning to Hogwarts had been rather less problematic than Harry had thought; Malfoy had said exactly two words to him, consisting of 'That's mine' when Harry had accidentally picked up the wrong shirt.

I think that maybe I should be mad and I do not know why I am not.

A Vampire's Love 2:
Voldemort was dead, most of his followers had been arrested, and at a basic level the Dark had fallen; hence the wizarding world celebrated.

The Mating Habits of Animagi and Werewolves:
Harry paid the taxi driver and turned to look up at the huge house, trying to find the energy within himself to walk up the drive.

A fic with a file name of trio, but no title:
It was sometime over sixth year that Harry began to realise something about his relationship with his two best friends; around the time they became a couple, but it wasn't until Ron was nearly killed by a Dementor during the first Hogsmeade trip of the seventh year that Harry really understood.

And that doesn't include my concepts directory which are ideas with no plot attached as yet ::g::. Procrastinate? Moi?

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