Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Afia playing and trying out the radiator bed

Yes, it's time for more kitty piccies :D.

While Amber was lounging in the sun in the garden Rob and I were playing with Afia in the old dining room (sorry for the state of the carpet - it's the main thoroughfare of the house). We also set up a radiator bed for her when she first arrived that she has never looked twice at until today. Below is the pictorial evidence of the adventure.
And I'm supposed to do what with that precisely?

Does it move?

Such a top predator!

It's there - I can see it...


Mine now.

Don't move, you're surrounded!

I'm gonna eat you little bit of plastic...

Perfect view of the cat flap.

Can I reach the sideboard from here in a single bound?

Is that a spider?

Tags: info: afia(fi-fi), info: cats, info: savannah, type: photos

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