Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

New Kitty - Afia or Fi-Fi for short

So today we picked up a new kitty as a friend for Amber. Her name is Afia, or Fi-Fi for short, and she is lovely natured and beautiful and also an ex-breeding queen. She's much more laid back than Amber so we hope they will get along.

This is a piccie of her at her old home with a lovely lady called Karen.
We met her son today as well and all of Karen's other kitties and they are all gorgeous.

When we brought her in and opened the cat basket there was a little hissing, but Amber doesn't seem overly bothered, which is good. Fi-Fi is a little more timid, but then she is coming into another cat's territory.

Currently I am upstairs with Amber sitting behind me on my PC chair and Fi-Fi is downstairs, hopefully exploring with Rob keeping an eye on her.

She's a climber so we're going to buy a humongous cat tree to put in the corner of our kitchen, or else I foresee a kitty sitting on top of the units :).

Will post piccies of her (and hopefully Amber together :)) when she's through the hiding phase.
Tags: info: afia(fi-fi), info: cats, info: savannah

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