Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

AtoZ Day 24: X is for Xanthodont, Xiang Shi

Wow, only three letters to go. Today we're on to X and my word of the day is Xanthodont and my creature is the Xiang Shi - sorry no rec today because I just couldn't find any vampire movies I had seen beginning with the letter. We also have the next exciting instalment of Ianthe's adventures. #vampires #atozchallenge

AtoZ Day 24: X is for Xanthodont, Xiang Shi

Soph is the one entertaining you over at FB3X today and will be until the end of the challenge now because I did the first few drabbles so she's finishing off:

Drabblerotic 2014 - X is for Xylophone
Tags: genre: vampires, info: a to z challenge

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