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  • Wed, 20:32: I was furious with M&S today - was going to go there for breakfast, but they've changed their cafe. 1/2
  • Wed, 20:33: M&S cafe appear to have removed all from the menu that requires actual cooking and removed waitress service. The 2 reasons I went there.
  • Wed, 20:35: When I'm in town I use a crutch so trays are a nightmare, so M&S cafe with waitress service used to be a god send. Not any more!
  • Wed, 20:38: In other news it was Amber's first trip to the vet today (we've waited until she was settled)- she pooped on the vet -shouldn't laugh...
  • Wed, 20:38: However, have found a wonderful vet, he could see how distressed it made her and offered to call in to do the second jab. Lovely man.
  • Thu, 07:00: Tasha's Thinkings: AtoZ Day 15: O is for Occult, Ohyn, Only Lovers Left Alive #vampires #atozchallenge
  • Thu, 07:30: Yesterday's vet trip must have really tired Amber out, she's still fast asleep on the bed. #cats #Savannah
  • Thu, 08:05: Rob took a better piccie of Amber on my chair :) #cats #Savannah
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