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So I made a lampshade :)

If you are looking for today's AtoZChallenge post, scroll down one :) (and thanks for visiting).

My dear Mama loves lamps. It is safe to say she has a bit of a lamp problem, but we've found a solution. Custom lampshades mean she's not filling the house with lamps any more, just changing boring old lampshades to new ones :).

We found this lovely lady on Etsy who makes lovely lampshades, her store is called ArthouseAttic. She does other custom furniture as well.

Now Mummy currently has three of her lamps and wanted another one to match one she already has. So I emailed ArthouseAttic to see if a commission was possible. Unfortunately it wasn't. Hence it was decided that I should try my hand at custom lampshades :).

An old lamp was found in the local hospice charity shop along with various items of silver jewellery and then I raided the local fabric shop for net, ribbon and trims. Yesterday afternoon I then set to work and this lunch time (I had to stop yesterday because I ran out of ribbon and trim) I finished it.

I can post it here with impunity knowing Mummy will not see it because she is something of a technophobe :)

I have come to the conclusion that I love my hot melt glue gun and sewing net onto a lampshade frame is a pain in the proverbial :)

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