Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Weird Dreams

I had a really weird dream last night, not bad, just utterly bizarre.

Anyone remember the Not Quite Human Movies from the 80s based on the books.

Well I watched a bit of one of them last night and, in case you don't know, the movies are about a genius professor who builds his daughter a big brother android called Chip. Now Chip is nice and gentle and basically a Disney character like you'd expect.

I'm mentioning this because he was in my dream, dressed in a US army tan uniform along with Black Widow. They were in this pool of thick black something and they were fighting against Guy Pierce who was also in a tan uniform, but had the haircut he had in Neighbours as Mike, rather than anything like he was in Iron Man 3.

Chip was just standing there watching as Black Widow kicked the crap out of Guy with the inane look on his face he tended to have.

Then Guy dared to shoot Black Widow through the shoulder.

Chip then went bonkers and proceeded to rip Guy apart from the mouth down as if he was made of playdough. Guy just kind of crumpled like he didn't have a skeleton or anything.

I told you, weird.

Job done Chip and Black Widow climbed out of the goop and were completely clean and went to have breakfast. This entry was originally posted at
Tags: info: dreams

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