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Authorgraph - it's a great site - authors can autograph eBooks

Have you heard of Authorgraph? It is a great site because it lets authors autograph eBooks.

Here are my books on Authorgraph:

Get your e-book signed by Tasha Duncan-Drake


You simply pick a book, go to the site, set up an account to point at your digital reading device and voilà, you can have any autograph you wish. It's all free.

You don't even have to own the book. Authorgraph sends you a companion file to go with the book.


It has a widget like above for your website, which makes the Authorgraphs easy to find.

It also has Authorgraph Live which is great  to take with them to events to sign books live for your readers.

When you set up your account you create your digital signature using a pen and tablet of some sort. Then you can do a personal message to go with any requested autographs which is typed and it attached the signature.

This is a screen cap of a test autograph I had my twin, Sophie do for me when we were first setting up our accounts. In reality you can see the autograph sign every time you open it.

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