Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Good morning one and all :)

First off, Happy Birthday to dragon_boots, hope you have a lovely day.

Secondly - pimpage: the lovely son_of_darkness and naggingfishwife are co-moding a comm togther called hp_synergy. I shall quote from son_of_darkness's post about it so that you know what it's about:

"So often artists paint a picture in their heads and bring it to life before our eyes and how many times have you found yourself thinking, “I wonder what the story behind that is?"

How many times have you written a scene in such stark detail because you had a picture in your mind, and wished that you had the ability to make that imagery real so that everyone could see it as you do?

If you have, then this is the place for you. We aim to combine the amazing talent of artists and writers to form a complete picture, visual and written, of the the many aspects of fandom.

This is a fun community and everyone is welcome. Along the way, we hope that what you write or draw helps to develop your skills and that you enjoy every second of it."

I think this sounds like lots of fun, so go join and pimp it around.

I don't have anything else sensible to say, so instead: bibblesqwark! (No, it doesn't mean anything, I just liked the random arrangement of sylables ::g::).

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