Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Now for a normal entry...

My birthday reminders are still working - must be a record :).

Happy birthday to marfahz, niya429 and inwonderland_ I hope you all have a great day.

I need to go rearrange my flist again :) - not sure how much more space I can make, but I shall give it a go ::g::.

Tickets to Toronto have been sorted, all is well with the world once again. Holiday is back on and stress it hopefully over: yay!

Since I'm posting AB fanfic now, and LKH is known as an author who dislikes fanfic (I don't actually know why or how adamant she is so I will not touch on that) I thought I'd touch on the subject that has shown up in several places over the last few days. I have no problem with an author disliking fanfic, but I feel it is wrong of them to try and stop it. Not wanting to see what others do with our characters is fine, quite natural in fact, but I really don't see how an author can tell people not to do it.

Ignore it, yes. Tell people they never want to see it, yes. Tell people to make sure that warnings are in the right place and no one can read it accidentally, yes. Make sure the right copyright discalimers are on the fic, hell yes. Tell people they can't do it - um, I really don't think that's cricket.

That's just plain selfish, IMO. I don't expect an author to read my work, but I do want to be able to create it and share it with people who do want to read it. In any universe there are going to be things the fans want to see that do not happen because they are not part of the vision of the creator. I want to be able to read these other possibilities and write them too. As long as I don't throw it in the original creators face or attempt to make money off their creation then I don't see why I shouldn't be able to play.

It was fanfic that sold me the last three Anita Blake novels - it was fanfic that sold me all of the Harry Potter ones. This strikes me as a very possitive result. The fanon and the canon do not live in the same place inside my head, but they are both as much fun. Creating alternative scenarios and sharing them with like minded people is part of the whole fan experience for me, and I find it very sad when TPTB try and stop it. Protecting their copyright from those who try to make money off their property I can accept, but complaining about fans producing what is really a homage to the author's talent in creating a universe is rather anti-social.

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