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Day 23: Loving and loathing (requested by the4ts)

[personal profile] the4ts one thing you secretly covet and one thing you wished you'd never set eyes on, let alone acquired.

To be honest I'm not very good at secretly coveting things; I tend to covet them loudly. There is something I've found that I really covet. I already have a Wacom Cintiq22UX (bought when we were still DINKs) but I covet it's new sibling, the Wacom Cintiq 24HB touch.
It's plain beautiful and oh so expensive. This is on the list of those things for when I win the lottery. Rob can have his flash sports car and I want one of these :).

Something I wish I had never set my eyes on let alone acquired is Vampire Killer Barbys (1996) - it is quite possibly the worst vampire film I have ever seen and that includes Mama Dracula! It's terrible. It has no redeeming features. Even the music, which I think was actually the point of the film really, it awful. It's boring. This is a film that could not even be saved by fast forward.

I've mentioned it once before in one of these posts, but I have to underline exactly how bad it is. There are no characters because the acting is so bad. The sound track is awful. I couldn't figure out what was actually going on, even with the subtitles. I think it was just band comes to castle, band gets eaten, but I couldn't actually be sure. I really wish I had never laid eyes on this movie and I don't say that very often.

What do you covet and what do you wish you have never seen?

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