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Amber's new furniture :)

Since we have a new sofa, we thought is was only fair that Amber should have some new furniture as well :). Well, that and if she has something in the front room to play on and scratch she shouldn't attack the new sofa.

Here are some piccies of her exploring the three level cat tree with the hammock when Rob has just put it together in the kitchen. In the background of some of the piccies, to the left you can also see parts of a really tall scratching post that we bought this morning as well so she can have a good stretch. That will be headed upstairs so she will then have something in each room. If anyone is interested they all came from Pets At Home.

At the moment they are both in the old dining room with  her existing scratching post so she can get used to them. We also sprayed them with cat nip so she knows they are all hers :).

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