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Fic: Destiny Sucks (3/3), Sterek, NC17/18

I finally finished it, sorry it took so long - last week was a nightmare. And now I can finally watch 3b because I've been holding off until I completed this. I have the eps stacked up on my harddrive :).

Title: Destiny Sucks (3/3)
Author: Beren
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: NC17/18
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Jeff Davis et al. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings: under age sex
Summary: When Stiles sleeps he goes to the white place he, Scott and Alison visited when they sacrificed themselves. He keeps seeing a white wolf there and he knows it's important, but he's just so tired.
Author's Notes: I wanted to get this out before 3b since I've been writing it since the end of 3a. It doesn’t take into account the teasers we've had for 3b, but runs from where 3a left off - and it takes no notice of the birthdays given out for the characters because they make no sense. Hope you all like it and thanks to Soph for the beta.
Word Count: ~21,800
Links to other parts: Chapter 1 LJ | Chapter 1 DW -- Chapter 2 LJ | Chapter 2 DW

Chapter 3 - Pizza, Pack and Dad

They had ordered pizza for lunch; four of them, because they were ravenous. Eating them was entertaining because neither of them really wanted to stop touching long enough to do so, but they came up with a sequence of short breaks. Then went back to the sex, but while Stiles had nowhere near exhausted his ideas for the loft, he had managed to exhaust his sex drive by mid afternoon. It turned out his recovery time and stamina were now up there with a werewolf's, but even supernatural creatures had their limits.

There were a lot of things that needed thinking about, but he knew for a fact it was going to take him time to process before most would make sense. In the interim, after he came back from taking a shower he sent two texts, one to Scott:

"Sex is amazing! Talk later. Stiles"

Then one to his dad:

"All good, sorry didn't call, slept for 10 hrs last night. Explain everything when get home. Love you, Stiles."

Once that was done he focused back on Derek.

"Where's Cora?" he asked, because he had been wondering, he'd just been a little busy.

Surprisingly Derek smiled at the question.

"Making three grown men cry," Derek told him.

"Now you gotta explain that," he said while trying to get the last of the water out of his hair.

"We went to stay with a small pack who used to be family friends," Derek said, puffing the pillows in the bed in a very domestic way; "their alpha, Greta, is the matriarch like our mom was and she and mom were good friends."

It was the first time Stiles had heard Derek refer to his mother without there being a huge overlay of grief and he almost held his breath.

"Greta and her husband have three sons, all looking to be the next alpha," Derek continued, "but Greta is a stickler for their family traditions, one of which is the alpha is always mated."

"Oh, I can see where this is going," Stiles said.

"The eldest, Timothy, tried to make a move the third night we were there," Derek said and was grinning so Stiles was pretty sure nothing bad happened; "Cora gutted him."

Stiles made a few mental adjustments for the whole werewolf angle.

"Bet that hurt," he said, "and I bet she just missed his tackle, didn't she?"

"By an inch," Derek replied, "and that's only because she likes him."

Stiles shuddered; Cora was a ruthless young wolf.

"And she's still there?" he asked.

Derek nodded.

"We were sorting through some stuff so we stayed and then when I felt the need to come back I asked her to think of herself and not follow me," Derek said. "All three of Greta's sons are courting her and she seems to like the idea and she's definitely enjoying making them run rings while they vie for her attention. Cora was always a little wild, even as a baby, so I don't know if she'll settle, but at least she's having fun."

"Go Cora," Stiles replied and did a little flag wave with the smaller towel.

He was glad she was happy; he had grown to like her, even if she was scary as hell.

"So, wolf stuff," he said while admiring his mate's ass as Derek leaned over the bed.

"What about wolf stuff?" Derek asked from where he was tucking clean sheets onto the bed.

"How do you think I'm supposed to do it?"

"Your eyes glowed white several times since we consummated the bond," Derek told him, "so I should think all you have to do is want it."

"They did?"

Derek nodded; "white with a blue ring."

"I didn't feel different," he admitted.

"Probably because you've been charged with magic anyway," Derek said. "You'll figure it out with practice."

He shrugged in return; Derek hadn't been wrong yet. He almost reached for his jeans, but then stopped. If he was going to do this he might as well do it right then when he was only in a towel.

"How do you change?" he asked.

"A lot of the time I'm doing my best not to," Derek said, "but when I'm calm it's just a matter of reaching inside and finding the wolf nature."

Stiles took a few seconds to think that through. His wolf was not natural, it was magical so he mentally looked at the power nestled at his core. He wasn't familiar with it yet; he needed to take time to get to know this new aspect of himself, but he felt around it. There was a wild edge to it.

"Your eyes are glowing," Derek told him.

"Cool, at least that's a start," he said.

He could feel the magic, but it didn't look like it was going to be as easy as just thinking about it. He brought to mind Derek and Scott and even Isaac when they went wolfy and it stirred feelings of pack. Scott was his alpha and best friend, Isaac was a pain in the ass, but he was still a friend and then there as Derek, his mate. He had never wanted to be a wolf before, he had known deep down that that wasn't what he was supposed to be, not like them, and yet now he wanted into their world. This was his path, not theirs, and he wanted the wolf, he wanted it fiercely.

It was like a flame shooting out from his core. Raging heat seared through his body and everything it touched melted. It probably should have hurt, it did on some level, but it was as if that part bypassed his brain. He was aware of his body shifting and changing, but it was over in the blink of an eye.

For a few seconds Stiles felt totally disorientated and he almost fell over. His equilibrium was completely gone and he shook his head to try and get it back. Considering that his head was in an entirely different configuration with his body that didn't overly help and he sat down with a thump. That was when it finally dawned on his scattered brain that he had four legs.

"Wow," Derek said, looking at him with a reverent expression.

Stiles twisted his neck to get a look at himself and he almost panicked for a couple of seconds. He had fur, lots of white, fluffy fur; he was a wolf.

"Hey," Derek said, kneeling down in front of him quickly and placing hands either side of his head, "it's okay, you're okay, concentrate on me."

For once doing as he was told was easy and Stiles looked into Derek's face as his mate smiled at him.

"You did it," Derek said; "you really did it."

Derek's fingers in his fur were very distracting, especially where they were touching the undersides of his ears. The fact he could smell Derek very clearly and something associated that smell very distinctly with sex and warmth and safety didn't help him focus much either. It was a bit of a struggle. The wolf instincts were also closer to the surface and he finally had an idea of why Scott had been so out of control for a while.

"Now you," was what he tried to say, forgetting that he had no human mouth and what came out was a whine.

He wanted to see how his wolf would react to Derek's werewolf form.

Derek frowned at him.

"You want me to change?" Derek asked, as if not sure of what he was saying.

Stiles blinked and nodded.

"I'm not sure how I knew that," Derek admitted and Stiles just gave a wolfy shrug; they could figure out that later.

This seemed far more important at the moment.

"Okay," Derek said with a laugh as Stiles nudge him with his nose.

Watching Derek's features change was nothing new, feeling something in the air shift as well was.

"Better?" Derek asked as Stiles stared.

Stiles whined, deliberately this time because there was something else, he could feel it. He nudged Derek again and pushed with more than just his body. Derek gasped, his bright blue eyes flashing white and Derek began to change. Man became beast before Stiles eyes and there was the distinctive sound of ripping material as Derek burst out of his clothes.

The overall effect of a big black wolf would have been more intimidating if that wolf hadn't looked non-plussed and been wearing the remains of jeans and a t-shirt.

Stiles shifted back without even thinking about it and threw his arms around Derek's wolfy neck.

"OMG, you're a wolf too and you're huge," he said, because he just needed to get the words out.

Derek melted back to human in his arms, but barely moved.

"I've never done that before," Derek said, sounding stunned.

Stiles realised he probably should have been in a similar state, but his brain had never reacted the same way as everybody else and he was so excited. Derek's clothes were wrecked, which was all kinds of hot, but as Stiles pulled back he tried very hard to keep his eyes on his mate's face.

"I'm not an alpha," Derek said as if he was still trying to get his head round the whole thing; "I couldn't do that even when I was."

"Deaton said you'd get a power boost too," Stiles said, "and it totally wouldn't be fair if I was a wolf and you weren't. You still have the wolfy form though too for which I'm glad, because, wow, you're hot as a werewolf."

Derek looked kind of surprised by that.

"You think I'm hot when I'm wolfed out?" Derek asked.

"Derek, you're hot all the time," he replied, "and the whole eye thing and your cute pointy teeth..."

"My teeth are not cute," Derek snapped almost instantly and shifted, baring his fangs to prove it.

Which, of course, made Stiles laugh, because he had known that was exactly how Derek would react. From near disaster only days before to being happier than he remembered since his mom died, Stiles just had to let the delight out.

"God you're amazing," he said and kissed his mate before Derek could even shift back.

He felt hair retreat and fangs disappeared under his lips and then Derek was kissing him for real. For a little while he forgot they weren't still in the middle of their sex marathon.

"Come on," Derek said when they finally pulled back; "you can help me find some new clothes and put some on yourself before I start getting ideas."

"I don't mind if you have ideas," he replied and grinned.

"Don't temp me," Derek said; "you are still human even if you've got the wild in you."

Stiles opened his mouth because there were just so many possibilities with that statement, but Derek kissed him again to shut him up.

"Clothes," Derek said and then pulled away and stood up.

As Derek helped him to his feet, Stiles had to admit he was aware that he had muscles in places that were unused to certain activities, so Derek was probably right. That didn't mean he didn't enjoy Derek undressing again and redressing; it was a fantastic view.


Stiles lasted a good twenty minutes and managed to drink a whole cup of coffee before he started to rethink his stance on the ending of the sex. He'd even texted Scott again with a slightly longer message, but Derek had most of his attention. He just wanted to touch and then touch some more and he kept losing track of the random conversation they were having.

"Stiles, are you alright?" Derek asked and Stiles realised he had done it again.

"Just wondering how you'd taste if I licked up your neck," he replied, because there was absolutely no point in lying.

"You found out," Derek said, "several times."

"I know, but every experiment needs repeating a lot to get a decent sample set."

The way Derek laughed at that made Stiles want to kiss him all the more.

"I thought you were tired?"

"I was," he admitted, "but I'm definitely changing that stance. Can I ... um ..."

There was really no reason to be awkward after all the things they had done, but the heat of passion was gone, so Stiles wasn't quite sure how to approach everything.

"You can do whatever you want to me, whenever you want," Derek replied with the ghost of a smile.

That was one of the hottest things Stiles had ever heard and he headed towards the couch from where he had been wandering around. He had plans, lots of plans.

"No!" he heard from the door just as he settled over Derek's lap facing his mate.

Lydia walked in looking somewhat dishevelled. Alarm bells went off in Stiles head because a, Derek alarm system was clearly still broken and b, Lydia never looked less than pristine unless something supernatural and usually bad was going on.

"What happened?" was his immediate question.

When Lydia was followed through the door by Scott, Alison and Isaac, also all looking less than perfectly attired, he was even more worried.

"You happened," Isaac said with his usual directness.

Stiles looked at Derek and frowned; no one sounded particularly worried, so he wasn't sure what was going on.

"You're going to have to be more specific," he said.

"Sex," Lydia said pointedly; "you two are broadcasting sex."

"And ... oh," he realised why people might be looking a bit dishevelled; "so you guys have..."

"Been encouraged to bang like bunnies," Lydia finished before he could come up with an equally colourful simile. "Aiden and Ethan are downstairs with Danny and we're going to have to figure out what to tell him because at the moment he figures drugs, but he has a brain so that won't last long."

Stiles had been wondering about Danny since the twins had formally changed allegiances, but at that moment his brain found a puzzle that was far more interesting. He couldn't help it, sometimes his attention simply went off on a tangent and looking at his friends there was an anomaly.

"Right, Danny," he said in a vague tone as the other idea coalesced in his brain, "but not what I want to talk about right now. Danny and Ethan, Lydia and Aiden, Alison and Isaac, but Scotty, you don't look like you've been all by yourself."

Scott's hair was in all directions and said 'someone has been running their fingers through me' about as directly as a neon sign.

"Stiles, focus," Lydia said, "not the issue."

But the way Scott looked guiltily at Alison and Isaac spoke far louder than words. The pieces of the puzzle clicked into place.

"Oh, oops," Stiles said and he couldn't help it, the first bark of a laugh escaped him.

He probably should have been apologising or worrying about the after effects, but he'd just spent a week almost dying and then at the mercy of his hormones and the fact his friends had been at the mercy of the same hormones just struck him as funny. He was full body laughing in seconds and all he could do was bury his face in Derek shoulder to keep the noise down.

"Oh god, I'm sorry, but..." was as far as he got when he tried to get control of himself, but the looks on his friends' faces were just too priceless and he dissolved again.

"This isn't funny," Lydia snapped at him, "I had an appointment at the salon this morning, my nails are a mess."

That was the wrong thing to say, because Stiles collapsed even further. Part of that might have been hysterical terror at the wrath of Lydia, but a good percentage of it was mirth. Apparently Scott found that a little bit funny too, because Stiles distinctly heard a very rapidly muffled laugh.

"Stiles I won't kill because he nearly died this week," Lydia said in a very direct tone, "but you, McCall, I will have no hesitation in disembowelling."

That just made Stiles laugh harder. He might have been worried it was real hysteria if not for Derek's solid presence.

"You okay?" Derek asked very quietly, but it was likely every werewolf in the room heard it anyway.

He nodded into his mate's shoulder and did his very best to stop laughing. It took a hell of a lot of effort and a few false stops and starts. Eventually, however, he did manage it and he sat back and twisted so he could look at his friends.

"Sorry," he said, but that was the best he could do without laughing again.

"Right, now that Mr Inappropriate has himself under control," Lydia said, fixing him with a glare and he had to bite his tongue really hard, "what are we going to do?"

"Order more pizza and explain everything to Danny," Derek said in a surprisingly calm tone.

"Ethan will want to be there for that," Alison pointed out.

"Invite them up," Derek replied and Stiles felt the hand on his back flex a little, but otherwise Derek showed no other emotion.

"Are you sure?" that was from Scott, proving that their alpha was in fact sensitive to those around him.

"They're pack," Derek said as if that explained everything.

"But they..."

"They're pack," Derek replied bluntly; "they are welcome here on pack business."

Stiles was all too aware there were issues and those issues were bound to come up in the future, but he could see what Derek was doing. Everything had changed and the twins had a lot to make up for, but there were more important things to worry about. Lydia didn't argue and simply slipped her phone out of her pocket. Stiles heard her explaining things to Aiden, but he was more focused on Derek at the moment.

"You sure you're okay with this?" Stiles asked quietly as the others came into the main part of the room.

"Yes," Derek replied, but the openness from earlier was subdued. "Among wolves we blame the alpha; it was all on Deucalion's head. I might not ever like them, but they're pack."

Having finally experienced some of the pack instincts Stiles found he could accept that. Since their makeout session had been interrupted he reluctantly climbed off Derek's lap and stood up, waiting for their visitors.

It wasn't long before the twins and Danny appeared at the door.

"You okay with this?" Scott asked Ethan as the three came in.

Ethan just nodded, sticking close to Danny. The twins were both watching Derek warily, which was amusing on one level and painful on another, so Stiles mirrored Ethan by remaining close to his other half too. Derek for his part hadn't even stood up, which was clearly an indicator of peace if ever Stiles had seen one.

"Hey, Danny," he said, giving their friend a small wave, "bet you're really confused right now."

"You could say that," Danny replied, "but I guess I'm about to find out the real reason that everything has been crazy this year?"

"That's the plan," Lydia said, crossing to Aiden, "but you might want to sit down."

"What, next to cousin Miguel, or should I say, Derek Hale?" Danny asked.

"So glad you're more observant than you pretended," Stiles decided. "This is Derek's place, in case you were wondering."

"Animal attacks, two serial killers and all my friends being uber weird," Danny replied; "it was easier to pretend not to see it."

"Yeah," Alison agreed; "it was a lot easier when it didn't all make sense."

Stiles could see their point, but he'd never really been someone who preferred ignorance, not since his parents had tried to keep from him just how sick his mom was. He liked to be in the know.

Danny walked to the other end of the couch with Ethan shadowing him and actually took the offered seat.

"Right, who wants to do this?" Stiles asked.

"You seem to be covering it," Lydia replied and there were several other nods.

He did have the sense to look at Ethan, but the alpha just twitched at him, which he took as a 'go ahead'.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Just tell me," Danny replied.

"Werewolves," Stiles went with the shortest, most succinct explanation, which was unusual for him.

He watched the disbelief travel over Danny's face and then came the thoughtfulness which he knew was at the centre of Danny's character.

"This isn't a joke?" Danny checked.

Stiles shook his head then pointed at Derek.

"Werewolf," he said, then moved on to Isaac, "werewolf," Aiden, "werewolf," Ethan, "werewolf," Scott, "and our very own True Alpha werewolf. Also Jackson, but he ran off to London so I can't point at him. Lydia, apart from being a genius and the fashion goddess of this town is a Banshee, Alison's all human but could probably kill you with her pinky finger and me, well, that's kind of complicated, but I'm human too with a huge helping of magic. That's new, in case you were wondering."

"Why you collapsed?" Danny asked.

"Give the man a cigar," he replied; he had always like how perceptive Danny could be when actually given the facts. "Also you being pinned to every available surface by your boyfriend, or you pinning him, not calling that, is mostly my fault, sorry."

"Our fault," Derek added quietly.

"Your fault how?" Danny wanted to know.

"It's kind of long and complicated," Stiles replied, "but it all comes down to me and Derek having lots of really awesome sex and broadcasting it to the rest of the pack. No, we have no idea how, but there was this moment where I guess we connected and somehow we, probably my fault, never let go. Really don't get this magic stuff yet, but nothing exploded, so, win."

"You and Derek?" Danny asked and sounded somewhat incredulous.

"Werewolves you take calmly, but me and Derek you don't believe," he said; "I think I'm insulted, actually, no, I know I'm insulted."

"It's not that," Danny said before he could go off on one, "I just would have sworn you were straight."

That mollified him a little.

"He was just too focused on me to give off the right signals," Lydia said as if that was perfectly normal behaviour; "even I hadn't figured it out, so don't worry, your gaydar is working fine."

"But you are taking all of this really calmly, are you sure you're okay?" Scott asked.

Stiles might not have let the whole incredulity part drop so easily, but Derek chose that moment to tug on his arm and pull him down. He ended up in Derek's lap and found himself relaxing even as he watched Danny watching him and Derek.

"Still processing," Danny replied and looked over at Ethan who was clearly nervous. "This so explains why you growl in your sleep."

"They all do that," Alison and Lydia said at the same time, "usually near the full moon," Lydia added.

Stiles found he was a little jealous that he had yet to find this out. All the werewolves looked a little embarrassed, but no one denied it.

"I'll order pizza," Derek offered to give Danny a little breathing space and Stiles leaned over to pick up the mobile that was on the small table, handing it to his mate.

"Okay," Scott said once the pizza orders were in and Danny and Ethan had moved off to the stairs to talk quietly, "does anyone have any idea what happened today, because, no offence guys, but I really don't want to be that out of control every time you two have sex."

"There was a connection when we sealed the bond," Derek said in a very matter of fact tone. "It was a sense of the pack like an alpha has, only stronger, but it felt like it was transitory."

"Yeah," Stiles agreed; "I had no idea we were broadcasting. No idea how that could work."

He was getting used to the feel of magic at the back of his mind, but he was sure he hadn't felt anything specific going on while he and Derek were having sex.

"Of course I was really distracted, so anything could have been happening," he admitted. "I mean really, really distracted; you have no idea..."

"Stiles," Lydia said before he could wax lyrical about the joys of sex with Derek.

"Sex is awesome, just sayin'," he said because he couldn't resist.

"I've heard of white wolves," Derek offered, "but I've never heard of something like this. The stories I know are mostly from when I was a kid, so they would have been sanitised, Peter might know more."

"Could we start with Deaton rather than Creeperwolf?" Stiles suggested, because, no matter what, Peter still put him on edge. "At least we know Deaton will tell us the truth even if he only tells us half of it."

"Stiles has a point," Alison agreed.

Everyone else seemed to agree, or at least, before there were any objections Lydia had her phone out and Deaton was answering them on speaker.

"Well that is very interesting," Deaton said once Lydia had explained everything in a far more detached and practical way than Stiles was sure any of the rest of them would have been able to manage. "I have heard of close connections between white wolves and their packs, but they are usually brought about by very rare circumstances. I would hazard a guess that this situation was caused by the creation and settling of the bond between Stiles and Derek. If I were you I would not worry about it unless it happens again."

"Great," Stiles said with a huge smile, "change of plans, everyone out, Derek and I are having sex again."

Derek rolled his eyes at that and everyone else ignored him, so everything was back to normal.

"Is there anything we should be careful of?" Derek asked.

"That would depend," Deaton replied; "Stiles, how are you feeling?"

"Awesome," he said; "I can turn into a wolf; it is so cool."

Possibly he was devolving into a twelve year old, but he hadn't had his medication and magic really was great.

"You've already done that?" Deaton asked and the surprise was obvious in the man's voice.

"Um, yeah," he replied, "why, shouldn't I have?"

"No, no, nothing like that," Deaton replied, "I am just surprised at such rapid progress, although, perhaps I should have learned by now never to underestimate any of you. Don't over exert yourself; it will take time for the magic to settle, other than that, congratulations."

"You can really turn into a wolf?" Scott asked, sounding intrigued.

"Totally," Stiles said and nodded; "a big white one. Well at least I thought I was big until Derek changed too; boy is he huge."

After it had popped out of his mouth it occurred to him that Derek might not want everyone to know that yet. However, as everyone looked at Derek, Stiles realised his mate didn't seem overly bothered by it.

"Does Stiles mean you turn into a full wolf too?" Scott asked and Derek nodded. "I thought that was an alpha thing?"

"So did I," Derek replied.

"Maybe it's a genetic thing," Stiles suggested; "I mean Derek's mom and his sister could do it, so maybe it's a recessive trait just waiting for a power boost and because of all the shit going on at the time Derek never got enough when he became an alpha."

He hadn't actually realised he'd been working on a theory as to why Derek could now attain a full wolf form, but apparently, he had.

"That would make sense," Lydia said and he might have preened a little as their resident genius agreed with him; "it would explain why not all alphas have the ability. If different werewolves have different genetic prerogatives, but some of them require different levels of power, it would explain why different alphas end up with different abilities."

"There are others who have proposed similar theories," Deaton agreed and Stiles remembered they had the man on the call. "Of course no one has done extensive research on that aspect of werewolf nature."

"Nope werewolf research mostly seems to be on how to kill or contain them," Stiles commented, "no offense Alison."

"None taken," Alison replied, "it's true."

"Someone should really fix that," Lydia commented and Stiles was graced with a vision of Lydia gaining a PhD in werewolf studies.

He wasn't sure if it was funny or frightening.

"And there is nothing else?" Derek checked, ever paranoid it seemed, even now.

"Nothing immediate," Deaton replied. "I would suggest you all take time to rest and recover, especially Stiles, but this will have affected the whole pack."

"Thanks, Doc," Scott said.

"Not at all," Deaton replied, "goodbye."

Everyone said some form of farewell and Lydia ended the call. With that out of the way Stiles found his focus returning to Derek.

"Stiles," Lydia interrupted him before he could do anything inappropriate, "you can help me make coffee for everyone."

That translated as 'you can make coffee I will supervise' and Stiles would have objected if it had been anyone else, but it was Lydia and no one said no to Lydia. The fact that it would probably keep him out of trouble was also quite clear in his head.

"Back soon," he said and pecked Derek on the lips.


Pizza had arrived and mostly been consumed by the time Stiles had a chance to talk to Scott alone. Scott very unsubtly dragged him outside to throw some of the used pizza boxes in the trash and he went willingly.

"You're really okay?" Scott asked him quietly even though they were far enough away that even werewolf ears probably couldn't hear them.

It was just like Scott to still be worried.

"Yeah," he replied, "I really am. This is nothing I ever imagined, but, sue me, I like it."

At that there was the barest hint of a smile on his friend's face.

"It kind of rush having powers isn't it," Scott said.

"Hell yes," he replied and grinned.

"You always did want to be a superhero," Scott teased.

"Hey, I was," he protested, "but before I was Batman and now I'm Doctor Strange."

Scott almost rolled his eyes, but there was no way Stiles was ever giving up the pop-culture references.

"And you weren't kidding when you told me sex was awesome," he added; "I have never been so strung out in my life. Man, it was epic."

Normally Scott would either have agreed with him or asked him bluntly to shut up, but instead he saw Scott grimace. Then he remembered why.

"Um, yeah, so sorry for laughing before," he apologised, "but it was that or have an epic freak out."

"It's okay," Scott told him, something wistful in his expression.

"So, I'm okay," Stiles said, "but are you? You've got that look in your eye again, like the summer."

The fact Scott didn't just say yes set off alarm bells in Stiles' head.

"Talk to me, man," he encouraged.

"Not here," Scott replied; "werewolf ears."

That had to be just an excuse, but Stiles knew all about needing time to process.

"But later?" he pushed, because he could see Scott needed to tell him something even if it wasn't right then.

Scott nodded and he reached out and placed a hand on Scott's arm in support.

"Us against the world," he said in what he hoped was an encouraging tone.

That actually drew a small smile out of Scott and a nod.

"Us against the world," Scott affirmed and it was settled.


The pack was mellow for a couple of hours lounging around Derek's loft, talking and simply bonding. There was a lot of touching going on, just small, innocent brushed between members, but it spoke volumes. Things had shifted, that much was obvious, and Stiles could tell it was going to take a while to get used to it. However, there was someone else who needed an explanation, which was why he and Derek left everyone else to clear up and headed out very late afternoon.

"Ready for this?" Stiles asked, looking at Derek before he opened the door of the SUV.

"As I'll ever be," Derek replied, but gave him a tiny smile, which for Derek was huge.

He had texted his dad to tell him they were coming over and Stiles could only pray his father was not polishing his gun.

"Hey, Dad," he said as soon as he entered the house and found his father standing in the hallway, "can we agree on one rule, no shooting Derek."

His dad was not in uniform, but his gun was casually sitting on the side table. The gun was never left lying around unless his dad was trying to make a point.

"Why, has he done something that deserves a bullet?" his dad said.

"Nope," Stiles said very quickly, but made sure he was between his dad and Derek anyway.

After all his dad was well aware that a normal bullet wouldn't kill Derek and Stiles was pretty sure his dad wouldn't have loaded with wolfsbane bullets even though Chris had given him some, but his dad did seem to be stuck on the fact he was only just about to turn seventeen.

"Can we, like, move into the living room?" he asked hopefully.

His dad was still stony faced, but turned and walked towards the chairs.

"None of this is Derek's fault, Dad, no matter what you're thinking, it's mine," Stiles decided to jump in with both feet.

"You're a sixteen year old boy," his father replied.

"No, no, Dad, I'm not," he said before his dad could go on. "Firstly I'm seventeen in a couple of days and secondly I haven't been a boy in a while, not since people started showing up dead all over town and I ended up in the middle of it. If that isn't enough for you, I'm a white wolf, Dad. Look at me."

He let the magic inside him out to play a little and he knew his eyes would be glowing.

"Derek helped me when no one else could," he went on.

There was a lot more he could say, in fact there were words backing up in his brain, but he held on to them. If he started rambling his dad would stop listening and that was the last thing he wanted.

"And you," his dad said, looking to where Derek was standing at Stiles' shoulder, "what do you have to say for yourself?"

"Stiles is my mate, Sir," Derek said in his usual stoic tone; "wolves mate for life."

From the expression on his dad's face, Stiles wasn't sure if that had been the right or the wrong thing to say.

"Why Stiles?" his dad asked.

"Thanks," he said, feeling just a little insulted.

"This isn't about you, kid," his dad told him; "you're six..." he glared, "seventeen," his dad corrected, "and Derek is a lot older than you. No matter what you think the age gap creates issues. I don't care what you are, I will not have you in a relationship with an older man where you won't be happy."

"I find his annoying habit of talking all the time endearing," Derek surprised him by speaking up, "The way he can focus on a subject and run with it until he knows everything there is to know is amazing. He sees things in a way no one else can and shares his insights like they're nothing special. He's so brave it's frightening. He's loyal to his friends and takes no shit from anyone who crosses him. He's independent, caring and has a pathological need to fix things. He's been trying to fix me almost since the day I met him when he didn't even like me and I think he might actually have succeeded."

Stiles stood there with his mouth open; he had never expected Derek to say anything like that.

"You really are in love with my son," his dad said.

"Yes, Sir, I am," Derek replied, "and I have been since the day he trod water for hours holding me up in a swimming pool while I was paralysed from the neck down."

"Really?" Stiles asked, somewhat astonished.

Derek nodded at him. When he looked back at his dad some of the tension had gone out of the Sheriff's stance. He was amazed; it actually seemed to be working. He was amazed for other reasons too, but if he thought about those he wasn't sure he could be coherent, so he put them to the back of his mind.

"And you, Stiles?" his dad asked.

"Had a thing for Derek for a while, was just too Lydia-centric to notice," he replied perfectly honestly, "and if I start telling you why we'll both be embarrassed and I might never stop talking."

His thoughts were going in too many directions and he knew he would start rambling if given the chance; either that or have a panic attack, which so didn't sound like fun.

"You're sure?" his dad asked.

"Yes, Dad, I'm sure," he replied. "It's like," he had to pause to force his brain to stay on topic; "it's like I found the secret level and all the treasure is mine."

It was a horrible analogy, but it was the best he could do.

When his dad stepped towards him still stony faced he wasn't sure what to do. He was too on edge to read any of the subtle signals his dad had to be giving off, so he just stood there. When his dad grabbed him and pulled him in for a hug he actually sagged in relief.

"I just need to make sure you're happy," his dad said into his shoulder and relief so intense flooded through Stiles that he thought his legs might give out.

That was probably why it took him a second of so to realise that he felt kind of achy, especially in his right shoulder area. It was so sudden that it confused him. It affected his magic too, because he felt that rise again and it was as if a wave of gentle heat passed through him and into his dad. It made him feel floaty and light.

"What the hell?" he heard Derek say and he snapped back to reality.

He stepped back from his dad, looking for whatever Derek was talking about. That was when he realised that both his dad and Derek were looking at him.

"Um, what?" he asked.

"You glowed," Derek said.

"I did?" he asked and looked down at himself; he had no idea what had just happened.

Glowing was definitely not a normal reaction. That was when his dad reached out towards him in a comforting gesture and stopped half way.

"What?" he asked, checking, but he couldn't see any more glowing.

"My shoulder," his dad said, lifting the outstretched arm further and then swinging it backwards; "it doesn't hurt anymore."

Ever since Miss Blake has stabbed his dad, Stiles knew the wound, although not serious, had been giving his father trouble. The fact his own shoulder was hurting immediately set off a siren in his head and he grabbed the neck of his shirt, pulling it aside before he thought about it. There, where nothing should have been, was a pink scar and as he watched it faded.

"Oh shit," he said as he kind of panicked.

His dad caught on and did the same with his own shirt and there was nothing there, no wound, not even a trace of the old injury. Stiles scrabbled to pull his phone out of his pocket and hit Deaton's number. It probably said a lot that he had the man on speed dial.

"Stiles," Deaton said as soon as he picked up, "how can I help you?"

"I healed my dad," he said in a rush because this was just that one step too far. "I hugged him and I glowed and it hurt and the scar moved to me and then it was gone and I don't know how I did it. It just happened and it wasn't like turning into a wolf where I had to think about it, I didn't even know I was doing it. Why did I do that? How did I do that? You never said this would happen. I don't understand."

Arms came round him from behind.

"Breathe," Derek said, pulling him close, "just breathe."

As Derek held him, he took a huge gasping breath and realised he had been headed for a panic attack. He had managed to cope with everything else, compartmentalising what he still needed to process, but this had finally smashed his control.

"Stiles, there is nothing to worry about," Deaton spoke to him over the phone in his usual calm tones, "it is called sympathetic healing and it is a rare and valuable gift. Magic users often have some part of their power that comes to them instinctively, this is yours."

He took another deep breath.

"But I thought that was the wolf stuff?" he replied and glanced over at his dad who looked like he wanted to reach out too, but didn't want to cause any more problems.

"That is the essence of the power you have been given," Deaton told him, "the healing is the essence of you."

Stiles didn't really know what to say to that.

"You can look on it as a higher level of what the wolves can do," Deaton explained. "They can remove pain and in extreme circumstances an alpha can sacrifice their power to heal a beta as Derek did, but you can heal directly. With practice you should be able to control the ability to a very fine degree."

"But what use is healing?" he asked, mostly because it was the first thing that came into his head. "I run with wolves and they heal themselves."

"There are some things not even a wolf can heal from," Deaton replied and Stiles went cold.

He flashed back to the dream and the shadows that were coming.

"Stiles," Deaton said, "the white wolf chose you, whatever is coming you will help the pack be ready for it. Do not doubt that."

Really he wasn't sure what he had expected, something to do with mountain ash and baseball bats probably, but not this. It was making him rethink and he wasn't good at that when he had focused on a course of action. Only Derek's firm presence behind him kept him grounded.

"Thanks," he told Deaton, "sorry to have bothered you."

"It's no bother, Stiles," Deaton told him. "I am here when you need me. When you are ready come and see me and we will talk about teaching you all you need to know."

"Yeah, okay," he said. "Bye."

He hung up and leaned into Derek.

"Sorry," he apologised to his mate and his father; "I wasn't expecting that."

"What did Alan say?" his dad asked and reminded him that humans didn't have ears as sharp as werewolves.

"How about we have some coffee and I'll explain it all?" he suggested.


"Dad," Stiles said as he wandered into the kitchen, "can Derek stay tonight?"

The look his father gave him was priceless. They had spent well into the evening talking and his dad hadn't kicked Derek out yet, but it was getting late now. His dad clearly wasn't comfortable with the whole mate thing yet, but Stiles had hope.

"Not like that," he protested; "I am well aware there is pushing you and then pushing you too far; I meant in the spare room. I get you have a problem with us being together, together, but Deaton says it will take the magic a while to settle and I don't know what might happen if Derek is too far away."

His dad looked dubious.

"You felt the whole healing thing," he said, "that's not exactly me, that's instinct and until I get the hang of it Derek is the only person that can keep me focused."

"He has a home of his own," his dad pointed out.

"Nope, he has a loft apartment that really needs some TLC," he replied, "I'm not sure Derek's had a home since his family burned to death in his."

That earned him a very thoughtful silence.

"You'll need to make up the bed," his dad said eventually, "and you will sleep in your room. There will be no naked togetherness in this house, am I understood?"

"Yes, Dad," he said and threw his arms around his father, "thank you. I promise, no naked togetherness."

He went to bounce out of the room.

"But some kissing is okay, right?" he asked. "Because that might be a fundamental need."

He left before his dad could reply, but he did hear the groan.


So he had spent ten minutes with Derek at the entrance to the spare room until his dad had made very unsubtle noises from the other side of the corridor, but he was a teenager and he couldn't help it. He wanted to touch Derek whenever and wherever he could and that's all there was to it. Trying to fall asleep in his own bed was hard. It was as if he was missing something and he tossed and turned for at least an hour before sleep finally took him.

When Stiles opened his eyes on the white place he almost panicked before he realised something felt different. He was on the dais, but, when he looked down, this time he was not with a wolf, he was the wolf. That made everything different and he felt his body tingling with energy rather than being drained.

There was a musky scent on the air and he swivelled his head to catch it better, at which point he saw the big black wolf standing looking back at him on the other side of the dark barrier around his little island. He wasn't sure how he had ever not known it was Derek. Everything about the magnificent creature screamed the truth at Stiles. Without questioning the instinct, he trotted towards where Derek was standing, only stopping when he came to the inky moat.

There was no way across and he wasn't sure what to do. They stood there looking at each other and all Stiles wanted to do was reach the blue eyed wolf. It was almost a physical ache as he realised he couldn't.

Derek stared at him steadily for what seemed like an age and then put his head back and howled.

It was a mournful, but, oh so powerful sound and it ripped right to Stiles' core. He had no choice but to follow his instincts and throw his head back and join the chorus. Their wolf voices joined in a wild harmony that soared through the empty space.

As he called out for his mate, Stiles felt the magic moving through his bones. It built and built, moment by moment, called by the song and he had no choice but to let it explode. White light, even brighter than the place he was in, shot out of his body, bringing his howl to a stuttering stop. It lanced at the darkness surrounding his dais and the area echoed with an almighty crack and a sound almost like shattering glass.

When his vision cleared, the first thing Stiles saw was that the darkness was not gone, but as he looked he realised it was riddled with large white fissures. Acting on pure need he touched a paw to the crack just in front of him and it was solid under his pads. The bottomless darkness was breeched and he didn't even stop to think about it, he bounded forward, using the white cracks as a path to the other side.

Derek was waiting for him, only he was moving so fast he couldn't stop and he barrelled into his mate making what should probably have been embarrassingly excited and needy noised. He buried his muzzle in Derek's fur in as close to a hug as a wolf could get and they lay on the floor in a tangled heap. They were together; they could do anything.

"What the hell is going on?"

Stiles shot upright, or at least he tried to, but there were muscular arms holding him and he only got about half way.

"What?" was the best his sleepy mind could do as he half collapsed back to the bed.

"Stiles, I trusted you," his dad said and it finally made it into Stiles' brain that he was not in his own room, he was in the spare room and the arms holding him belonged to Derek.

Now he was really confused.

"Stiles, I want to see you downstairs and you," his dad pointed at Derek accusingly, "get out of my house right now."

"Dad, wait," Stiles said as the reality of the situation finally resolved in his brain, "it's not what ..."

"Not what, Stiles?" his dad interrupted him, clearly very angry. "You asked if he could stay and you knew the rules. You betrayed my trust."

"No, Dad," he protested, but his father looked angry enough to start waving his gun around.

"Sir, I promise," Derek backed him up, "I went to sleep alone."

"So you're blaming this on Stiles?"

"No, Dad, that's not what Derek is saying," Stiles raised his voice, "he's trying to tell you we don't know how we ended up together. We were both asleep..."

"Sleepwalking? Don't tell me you're going to go with something like sleepwalking."

It sounded weak even to Stiles, but it actually made sense.

"I was dreaming," he said as where he had been came back to him; "the white place," he turned to Derek, "we were in the white place."

Derek nodded.

"We broke the darkness," Derek said.

When Stiles looked back at his dad he realised worry and confusion were now warring with the anger. He knew for a fact it wouldn't last though, not unless he could explain.

"Dad," he said, "please, this wasn't deliberate. I went to bed in my own room, I swear and I don't know how I got here. I think ... I think it might have been the final part of what we needed to do. I woke up in the white place, only it wasn't like before; I was the wolf this time and I had power. Derek was there, but he was on the other side of the darkness; the darkness around my heart. There it's like a moat, a really deep, endless moat that I couldn't get across, but we broke it. Together we shattered it and then I heard you yelling and that's all I know. I don't know if I walked here or if something really weird happened and I just appeared here, but we did not break the rules deliberately."

For a few seconds he thought his confession might have fallen on deaf ears, but then he realised that some of the tension was leaving his dad's stance.

"Anything to add?" his dad asked, looking directly at Derek.

"No, Sir," Derek replied; "I'm very sorry for breaking your rules, but, as Stiles said, it wasn't deliberate."

His dad just stood there for a little while longer and then finally began to turn away.

"It's a school day," his dad said; "breakfast in twenty minutes, I expect you both to be there."

Stiles actually slumped in relief.

"I could really have lived without waking up like that," he said as the adrenaline began to wear off.

"Yes," Derek replied pulling him close for a second. "We had better move if we want to make the deadline."

He had to agree, but he really didn't want to move.

His relationship with Derek was complicated, because of the age gap and his dad's worry; his magic was somewhat incomprehensible to him; he still needed to talk to Scott about what had happened during the broadcast sex and now the darkness as well; their little pack had several very broken pieces that were going to take a long time to fix; there were things on the way that would endanger them all.

It was a long list of things that needed addressing, but as Stiles headed to the shower he had to admit he was happy.

Firstly there was Derek. While Derek seemed to find it straightforward to profess love, he didn't, but he was almost sure that was the inexperience of youth rather than anything else. He needed time to process how their relationship had shifted and what the warm, fluttery feeling in his chest actually meant. However, that didn't stop him being happy. And, of course, the sex was epic.

Then there was everything else. He was closer to the supernatural than he ever would have dreamed. Before he had been the weak and squishy human and he didn't have all the strength of the wolves or their fighting ability, but he had something else. The pack needed him and he needed the pack; it was the beginning of a new era for Beacon Hills and they were all part of it. He liked being part of the powerful whole and doubts be damned; he stepped into the shower with a smile on his face.

The End

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