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Fic: Black Magic By Moonlight (HP/Anita Blake xover) [R/15] or [NC17/18]

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Title: Black Magic by Moonlight - A Harry Potter/ Anita Blake crossover
Author: Beren
Pairings: Asher/Anita/Jean-Claude, Anita/Nathaniel, Harry/Nathaniel/Draco, Harry/Draco, Anita/Micah
Rating: R/15 or NC17/18
Summary: Harry Potter could find trouble in paradise and when Draco sends him to St Louis for a holiday it's not paradise and there's lots of trouble. With dark magic, vampires, lycanthropes and more, who else could sort it out but Anita Blake?

This is the complete schedule for updates; the fic is in the final stages of development having been totally plotted out and 85% written and will be finished completely in the timescale indicated (unless disaster strikes). Apology for the 2 week gap in the middle - I'm on holiday.

And if you're looking for other HP/AB fic go to mhalachaiswords' Ginourmous list of Anita Blake/Harry Potter fanfic. (Don't get too excited - the Ginourmous is kind of an exageration, but at least there are more ::g::).

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling and Laurell K. Hamilton, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books, Raincoast Books, Orbit books, Time Warner Book group, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings: This story is set post Harry Potter and the OotP and post Incubus Dreams and therefore has SPOILERS for all previous books. If you don’t want to know anything that went on in or before HP book five or AB book twelve do not read this story.
Author's Notes: I was surfing one day and found a link to Inevitable by mhalachaiswords, an AB/HP xover which reminded me how much I love the world of Anita Blake. It also kicked my brain into thinking that there are not enough HP/AB xovers out there. Never one to let a challenge go by my muses jumped up and this was born. I do hope you enjoy it. Thank you to Soph and serpentmalfoy for beta reading it for me.
Xover liberties: It has been assumed the timelines are in sync so that the end of Harry's seventh year coincides with the June after Incubus Dreams, bringing HP up to current time rather than taking AB back.

pomme de sang blood apple, a vampire's source of food
sourdre de sang source of blood; head of a vamp blood line
ardeur vampire need for sex like an incubus
ma petite my little one

Chapters marked in dark grey have two versions - NC17/18 (explicit) and R/15 (not so explicit), please make sure you read the version suitable for you.
Chapter Title Word Count Release Date
1 Holiday Trouble 3795 29-Apr-2005
2 Investigation 5242 29-Apr-2005
3 To Be or Not to Be Furry 3596 29-Apr-2005
4 What is Going On? 3072 29-Apr-2005
5 Arrangements 3285 29-Apr-2005
6 At Home with the Family 5350 06-May-2005
7 The Way of the Moon 5098 06-May-2005
8 The Man in Black 5073 06-May-2005
9 Like Even Less 3254 06-May-2005
10 The Way of Vampires 5067 06-May-2005
11 Identity (R/15) 5215 13-May-2005
11 Identity (NC17/18) 5251 13-May-2005
12 Information 3396 13-May-2005
13 Touch of Evil 4311 13-May-2005
14 Understanding 7010 13-May-2005
15 Actions and Reactions 4263 13-May-2005
16 Pomp and Circumstance 3670 03-Jun-2005
17 Battle of Wills 4400 03-Jun-2005
18 Repercussions 6112 03-Jun-2005
19 Sexual Tension and other Matters of the Heart 4984 03-Jun-2005
20 Sexual Energy (R/15) 4375 03-Jun-2005
20 Sexual Energy (NC17/18) 4405 03-Jun-2005
21 Hardly Even There (R/15) 5650 10-Jun-2005
21 Hardly Even There (NC17/18) 5764 10-Jun-2005
22 Confrontation 4892 10-Jun-2005
23 Binding and Unbinding (R/15) 3977 10-Jun-2005
23 Binding and Unbinding (NC17/18) [Fanart by pandora_gold - "Black Magic Kitty" (ao3)] 5286 10-Jun-2005
24 Lycanthrope 3465 10-Jun-2005
25 Relationships 5126 10-Jun-2005
26 The Public Eye 6020 17-Jun-2005
27 Attack 3223 17-Jun-2005
28 Possibilities 2838 17-Jun-2005
29 Battle Plans 3051 17-Jun-2005
30 Hunter or Hunted 3715 17-Jun-2005
31 Curtain Call 5860 24-Jun-2005
32 Cleanup 3936 24-Jun-2005
33 The Right Way (R/15) 5258 30-Jun-2005
33 The Right Way (NC17/18) 5293 30-Jun-2005
34 Life Goes On 6989 30-Jun-2005
35 Home is Where the Heart Is 6625 30-Jun-2005

The fic is also available on AO3 and if you would like an offline copy they have a download option and can provide it in Mobi, ePub, PDF or HTML.

Black Magic By Moonlight on AO3
Tags: category: het, category: slash, category: threesome/moresome, ch_story: black magic, fandom: anita blake, fandom: crossovers, fandom: harry potter, fictype: 30kwds up, fictype: chaptered, genre: creature fic, genre: vampires, genre: werewolf, pairing: ab - anita/nathaniel, pairing: hp - harry/draco, pairing: threesome/moresome, rating: r to nc17, type: chapter listing, type: fiction

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