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Fic: Destiny Sucks (2/3), Sterek, NC17/18

Title: Destiny Sucks (2/3)
Author: Beren
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: NC17/18
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Jeff Davis et al. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings: under age sex
Summary: When Stiles sleeps he goes to the white place he, Scott and Alison visited when they sacrificed themselves. He keeps seeing a white wolf there and he knows it's important, but he's just so tired.
Author's Notes: I wanted to get this out before 3b since I've been writing it since the end of 3a. It doesn’t take into account the teasers we've had for 3b, but runs from where 3a left off - and it takes no notice of the birthdays given out for the characters because they make no sense. Hope you all like it and thanks to Soph for the beta.
Word Count: ~21,800
Links to other parts: Chapter 1 LJ | Chapter 1 DW -- Chapter 3 LJ | Chapter 3 DW

Chapter 2 Sex and Stuff

Deaton had said Stiles would feel his instincts fire when he found the right person. What Deaton hadn't said was all the blood would vacate his brain for parts further south and he'd totally lose the skills of thought and speech. He literally fell over his own feet the moment he set eyes on Derek and Scott had to catch him.

It really didn't help that Derek appeared to have just been in the shower and was walking around in jeans and nothing else, drying his hair on a towel. Stiles had never really considered Derek as wet dream material, but he did now.

"Hi," Scott said.

Derek just kind of grunted in return, which Stiles should not have found arousing, but he so did.

"How was your trip?"

Stiles kind of wanted to strangle Scott at that moment, because now was not the time for small talk.

"Enlightening," Derek replied, "until I started dreaming about the nemeton. I've only been gone a month, do either of you know what's going on?"

"Me," Stiles said and was proud he managed to actually sound coherent.

"Me as in you know what's going on or you're causing it?" Derek asked and Stiles saw Derek's nostrils flare just a little.

Stiles giggled and then clamped his hand over his mouth, because he had no idea where that had come from.

"White wolf," he said, because Scott was so not helping.

It was all too obvious Derek knew what that meant.

"He's a white wolf?" Derek asked, looking at Scott for a sensible answer.

"Yeah, almost killed him before we figured it out," Scott replied.

"So you and he..?" Derek asked and there was something in his voice that called to Stiles.

Scott shook his head.

"But you're the alpha," Derek pointed out.

"Totally platonic," Stiles said and indicated himself and Scott, utterly astounded he had actually managed to say that.

"I've been grounding Stiles, but it only works when we're touching. We've been trying to figure out who his mate is," Scott explained, "but none of the pack were right. Then we realised maybe all the pack wasn't here?"

"Cora?" Derek asked, sounding protective and disappointed in the same breath.

"Guess again, Genius," Stiles said and at least his brain seemed to be kind of working again.

"But we're not actually pack," Derek pointed out.

"Sorry to break it to you," Stiles said, "but Scott adopted you without even realising it, all you had to do was exist."

Scott looked a little embarrassed about that and Stiles could understand why, especially after all the shit Scott had given Derek about being an alpha and wanting everyone in his pack. Derek, however, just considered it and shrugged as if it was actually logical. Point one for the born werewolf.

That didn't really help Stiles, though, because, no matter how well Derek was taking it, the truth of the situation was only just beginning to sink in. His hormones were firing, but Stiles still had a brain and it was throwing up all sorts of issues with the whole thing.

"Scott," he said, suddenly feeling very awkward, "could you leave us alone?"

There were things he was never going to be able to say in front of his best friend.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Scott asked, looking him over very carefully.

"Derek and I need to talk," he said simply and that was all that was needed.

Scott took one look over at Derek and said; "Look after him, okay?" and Derek nodded and that was it.

Not so long ago Stiles was sure there would have been a long drawn out argument, but not anymore. Everything with the nemeton and the darkness had shifted things in Beacon Hills and Scott had been different ever since he had become a True Alpha. This felt like just another piece of a huge puzzle they were all part of and had no power over.

"Call if you need anything," Scott said and Stiles managed to crack a smile at that, because he had a dirty mind and he was proud of it, thank you very much.

Scott just rolled his eyes, patted him on the arm and then headed for the door.

"Make yourself at home," Derek said, helpfully reaching for a shirt that was over the back of the couch.

As the door slid shut, Stiles walked further into the room and was very glad when his legs actually seemed to be working again. He had never been in a situation quite like this before and he really had no idea what to do. In the end he decided to go with direct, because he wasn't exactly subtle at the best of times.

"Well the sexual attraction's not going to be a problem," he said and sat down, waiting to find out Derek's reaction.

"I know," Derek said in a surprisingly understanding tone.

"Sorry," he apologised, because he had been pretty obvious.

"Not a problem from my side either," Derek said and he looked up, surprised.

"So this is messing with you too?" he asked, because he hadn't noticed Derek reacting anything like he had.

"No," Derek said and Stiles frowned, because that didn't make much sense.

Admittedly his brain wasn't working at top speed, but it took him a little while to put that together.

"You mean you..?" he wasn't sure how to ask.

"Have been attracted to you for some time," Derek finished for him candidly.

"But you never ..."

"You're sixteen," and actually Stiles could accept that.

Sometimes, because their lives had become so crazy, he simply forgot about the age difference between most of them and Derek.

"Seventeen later this week, if it helps," he offered hopefully.

Derek lifted one eyebrow and Stiles wasn't quite sure if that meant it did or it didn't.

"Do you think the attraction was why this picked you?" he asked, because he still wasn't quite sure how that had worked out.

"Probably part of it," Derek replied. "You don't seem horrified that it's me, though."

It was a valid point and Stiles had to say he wasn't. The whole raging attraction part helped, but his higher thoughts were still functioning and no part of his brain was screaming an objection.

"I've been Lydia-centric so long I think I forgot to notice if I was straight or not," he replied. "This whole thing kind of pointed out that maybe I wasn't and you might not have noticed, but you are very easy on the eyes."

The little shrug from Derek was definitely not a denial.

"And everything that's happened over the last few months," Stiles said, "has definitely changed how I saw you. Not gonna lie, I never imagined anything like this. Maybe it's part of the whole giving up your alpha power thing as well. As Deaton always says, nature likes a balance, so maybe this is a way of giving something back."

"Or I have such deplorable taste in women the universe has decided to take that suicidal tendency away from me," Derek commented.

Stiles snorted a laugh before he had even thought about it and Derek smiled a little as well.

"Well then, who am I to argue with the universe's Derek-preservation instincts," he replied.

"This has to be really strange for you," Derek said after a few minutes pause. "You're not used to supernatural instincts."

"Really weird," Stiles admitted with a nod, "but I talked to the wolf. There are things coming, bad things, and I don't know when or what they are, but there's no way I'm leaving Scott and everyone to deal with that. I don't think I'm a good choice, but weirder shit had happened in this town, so I've decided to accept it."

Derek looked at him for a while.

"That's a very mature attitude," Derek commented.

"Yeah, well it helps that I have a huge boner for you as well," he replied and totally smashed the mood.

He managed to make Derek smile again though, so it was worth it.

"Doesn't it bother you?" he asked.

It looked as if Derek considered that for a few moments.

"I was born a wolf," Derek replied eventually; "I've known about things like this my whole life. White wolves are stories, fairytales for children, but my mother always stressed how important such things could be. You surprised the hell out of me, but, to me, it makes sense."

"You mean you've been conditioned to accept things like this since you were a kid, so you're just going with it?" Stiles asked.

"Kind of," Derek said with a sad little smile.

There was something lost in that smile and Stiles felt the instant need to fix it.

"So," he said, swallowing against the lump in his throat, "how do we do this?"

Stiles really didn't expect it when Derek moved off the couch and knelt down on one knee in front of him.

"Stiles," Derek said, looking at him completely seriously, "will you do me the honour of becoming my mate?"

Part of Stiles wanted to laugh, because it felt utterly ridiculous, but the rest of him knew just how important this was to Derek. It also changed his perception and suddenly he could feel everything balanced, as if on a knife edge, waiting for his answer. Only then did he realise that he actually had a choice.

The doubts and fears began to fade as, with total certainty, he knew that he could say no. All the instincts, all the hormones, they were signposts and instigators, but they were not compulsions. In that moment it all became clear. He wasn't sure what would happen if he did say no, but the knowledge sank in that the option was there.

That changed everything.

"Yes," he said and as Derek stood up and took his hand he felt part of something inside him click into place.

Just for a second the loft seemed to partially fade out, leaving only him and Derek in focus and he swayed towards his mate.

"Woah," Derek said, catching him gently as he swayed too far, "are you okay?"

"Don't let go," he said, leaning his cheek against Derek's shoulder, "please."

It felt right and perfect and he didn't want to move ever again.

"What should I do?" Derek asked and it was kind of settling to know Derek was just as lost as he was.

"Would you mind kissing me?" he asked, looking up, because it was the first thing that came into his head.

He had never kissed a man before, he hadn't kissed that many girls either, but definitely not a man. The stubble was a bit of a shock. Other than that though, it didn't seem that much different and he threw himself into it. Almost immediately it was as if something clicked again, like the second barrel of a combination lock and he shivered with the feeling of magic. As is slithered into him he realised that he had felt a reflection of it several times over the last few months and he began to wonder how one baseball bat had held up a whole roof or how that crash hadn't actually done more than bang his head. The spark Deaton had told him about had never been as strong as what he was feeling at that moment, but now he could see what it had been.

When the kiss broke he smiled and his vision sparkled.

"Wow," he said, feeling a little lightheaded.

He looked around as the bright loft and little flashes danced at the edges of his sight. Without really meaning to, he followed them, turning out of Derek's arms and gazing about.

"Stiles?" Derek asked from behind him.

"Lights," he said, "lots of pretty lights."

More and more of them started to leap into his sight as the feeling of magic and energy built inside him. It became so bright that he closed his eyes and just felt. For a while it swept him away and he let it take him. However, eventually he had to open his eyes and that was when everything changed.

"Derek!" he screamed, reaching out blindly into what was stark whiteness.

Terror ripped through his chest because there was nothing, just power and him and it seemed to go on forever. Any illusion of control was gone. He felt as if he was going to break apart into infinity and there was nothing to stop him.

"I've got you."

The words were whispered in his ear as arms wrapped around him from behind, pulling him back against a firm, strong chest.

"You're not alone."

He actually sobbed at that as the fear ebbed a little, but the raw power he could feel still scared the shit out of him.

"Let it in," Derek told him, "I won't let you go."

"I don't want it," Stiles whispered even though he knew there was no going back.

"It's just a reflection of you at a supernatural level," Derek said. "It can't change you, only you can change it."

"But I'm the ADHD nightmare who can't even think without medication," he said, as all his insecurities bubbled to the surface.

"Maybe, maybe not," Derek told him, "but you're Stiles and you're mine."

It was just what he needed to hear and in a corner of his mind it occurred to him this was another reason he had been so blatantly pointed at Derek. Scott probably would have tried to placate him, tell him he wasn't what he thought even though he knew at a base level it was true. That wouldn't have helped, but Derek hadn't completely denied the reality, just made him look at it another way.

"It's so much," he said, awed by what he was feeling. "I remember, before, the spark, but not this. How can I control this?"

"The same way you control yourself," Derek said. "I can feel it too, you don't need to be afraid."

"Are you sure?"


That was all he needed and he let go. It was like white lightning down his nerves, electrifying and terrifying in equal measure, but there was no pain. It was not comfortable, mostly because he felt as if he was filling up with energy and there was nowhere for it to go, but it was not painful.

"Der...ek," he stuttered, "I'm going to explode."

"No you're not," Derek said, holding him in an even tighter embrace.

Stiles wasn't sure if he wanted to laugh or cry. He still couldn't see anything except white and as the magic poured through him he realised it was beginning to look a little grey on the edges. That was not good, definitely not good, but there wasn't anything he could do about it.

"Gonna pass out," he mumbled just as he felt his knees beginning to go.

He didn't actually lose touch with reality completely, but everything was all mixed up for a while. The fact he was hoisted bridal style into strong arms did make it into his head and then he was placed on something soft and comfortable, but that was about it. Derek never stopped touching him. If Derek had, he was pretty sure he would have lost it, but as the magic raged inside him doing things he totally did not understand, Derek's firm presence kept him grounded.

Slowly reality began to come back. As he blinked, first it was hazy greys and blobs, then slowly colour and form started to bleed in. When he could finally make out Derek looking down at him he felt his equilibrium beginning to reassert itself.

"Rush," he said, or tried to say, but his tongue didn't seem to be quite back to working order yet.

"I know," Derek replied, face as serious as usual, but something warm in his eyes.

"Get you too?"

"Some," Derek told him, "but I don't think we're done yet."

"Can't move," he pointed out.

His limbs felt heavy and unresponsive and all the energy he had managed to claw back from sleeping in contact with Scott seemed to have drained away. On one level he felt like he should be able to walk on the moon, on the other blinking was hard.

"We have plenty of time," Derek told him and there was a hint of a smile. "Go to sleep."

"Not the boss of me," was what he tried to reply, just to be contrary, what came out resembled it very little even as his eyes slowly slid shut.


Sleeping like the dead really hadn't been how Stiles expected the next few hours to go, but he woke up to sunlight coming through the windows. He was curled on his side and another body was curled up against his back. It took his foggy brain a while to remember who it was.

"Good morning," Derek greeted against his neck.

"Morning," he mumbled back and realised he had just had the best night's sleep he had had, well, since his mom died at least; he had to have been asleep for ten hours at least.

"How are you feeling?"

He had fallen asleep after being invaded by an incredible amount of energy and he could feel it under his skin, but it wasn't pushing at him or anything. Everything wasn't settled, he could sense that, but it was better than he had felt since the sacrifice.

"Good," he said, turning so he could see Derek.

Clearly Derek had been awake a while because there was no trace of sleepiness in his features.

"How about you?"

"Good too," was the short response.

It was only as he moved again that Stiles caught up with the fact he was not wearing all the clothes he had been when he fell asleep. He was in his t-shirt and his boxers, but his jeans, socks, shoes and shirt were gone.

"You undressed me?" he asked the obvious question.

"Sleeping in clothes isn't fun," Derek replied; "I hope you don't mind."

Stiles shook his head; he couldn't say he did. The fact Derek was wearing a t-shirt and sweats helped, because it didn't feel too weird.

"And you're a cuddler?"

"It's a werewolf thing," Derek said with a shrug.

"Me too," Stiles said, "a cuddler I mean. Mom and I used to sit on the couch and cuddle up and fall asleep watching movies, Dad too sometimes, but not since..."

He stopped talking before he dug himself into a black hole he really didn't want to visit.

"I thought you were straight," he barrelled on.

"Bi," Derek said.

"Never would have guessed," Stiles admitted; "you give away no clues, dude."

"Don't call me dude," Derek replied and it almost sounded as if they were having one of their normal conversations, "and it was probably the alpha instincts. An overriding need for an alpha is to expand their pack, either by the bite or breeding; because I'm bi not gay that will have overridden any interest I have in the same sex. If I'd stayed alpha longer my natural instincts probably would have reasserted themselves eventually."

"Sounds confusing," he said, trying to imagine what it must have been like for Derek.

He had glimpsed what pack instincts were like over the last few days so he had a fair idea how suddenly being an alpha might have messed with Derek.

"Different, but less confusing actually," Derek explained; "the instincts are there to help, even if some of them are difficult to deal with when trying to be civilised."

That made Stiles' brain flick back to his own revelation.

"I could have said no," he blurted out.

Derek frowned at him.

"Sorry," he apologised, "talking about instincts you just reminded me, last night, when you proposed, I realised I could have said no. It made everything okay."

The way Derek nodded suggested he knew exactly what Stiles was talking about and that made everything easier as well. Being a born wolf seemed to help a lot in the current situation if Stiles was any judge.

"So you've done this before," he checked with a completely unnecessary, hand wavy gesture to indicate what he was talking about, "with a guy?"

Derek simply nodded.

"When Laura took us to New York," Derek replied. "For a while after," the pause told Stiles all he needed to know about what they were talking about, "I didn't want anyone near me, but then I met a boy. He was a year older than me and so different from...her... that I wasn't afraid anymore. We were together for a year and we learned a lot with each other."

"Why'd you break up?" Stiles asked before he thought better of it.

"We were teenagers," Derek replied with a shrug, "we drifted in different directions and I didn't want to tell him about the wolf stuff. We parted friends, but he knew I was hiding something."

"Sucks," he commented.

Derek didn't look overly cut up about it, however.

"So," Stiles said, "what next?"

"What do you want to do next?" Derek countered with a question of his own.

It took a force of will, but Stiles managed not to follow any of the hundred and one trains of thought that offered him.

"Um," was the most sensible thing he could think of to say. "Well, what would count to complete what we started?"

Mentally he was cursing himself for suddenly feeling so nervous. It wasn't as if he hadn't considered this.

"It's a mating bond so we probably have to go all the way," Derek said and Stiles stomach disappeared in a whole flock of butterflies.

"And who has to top?" he asked.

Facts, he could deal with facts.

"Both of us."

That was not the answer he had expected.

"Really?" Some of his nerves were forgotten as his curiosity was piqued.

"You're very powerful, Stiles," Derek told him, "and I'm your ground; we have to be equals in this. We don't have to switch all the time if you don't want to, but to formalise the bond it would be a good idea."

Something inside of him relaxed a little at that information. The darker parts of his mind had had visions of Derek having to fuck him into submission or something.

"So which do you normally prefer?" he asked, because they were having an adult conversation and he could do this.

"Never really cared," Derek revealed.

"Wow, you're not really alpha at all are you?" he said before his brain caught up with his mouth. "Shit, sorry," he apologised almost immediately.

Surprisingly his verbal diarrhoea drew a smile out of Derek.

"No," Derek replied, "I'm not. That was never really me."

"You seem much more relaxed now," he commented with about as much tact as ever.

"I am," was the honest response.

Stiles smiled; he was glad.

"Right," he said after a moment, "back on topic. How ... um ... what..?"

"A shower?" Derek suggested.

Part of Stiles sighed in relief, part of him panicked.

"Okay," he said, hoping he didn't sound as out of his depth as he felt.

He was nearly seventeen, but he felt like a kid as Derek climbed off the bed and then offered him a hand. He took it and tried to smother his nerves with the anticipation that was swirling in his belly. He'd been naked with other guys a hundred times in the locker rooms, but he'd never been "naked" with another guy.

Stiles had always thought Derek's bathroom was surprisingly nice for a barely habitable loft, but admiring the decor wasn't really part of the plan now. When Derek just began to strip as soon as they were inside, Stiles tried to do the same, only he found his attention being very much dragged from himself. Derek was still all lean muscle and smooth skin and Stiles couldn't help himself; he stared.

"Like what you see?" Derek asked in a casual tone as he stepped out of his sweatpants.

Derek wasn't wearing anything underneath.

"Oh god yes," Stiles replied, "and I'm allowed to look now, right?"

"You're allowed to look," Derek confirmed with a small smirk, "as long as I'm allowed to look as well."

Stiles glanced down at himself and all the nerves suddenly came back. He felt instantly inadequate. Derek was a Greek god, a very well endowed Greek god, and he was a skinny adolescent. When Derek stepped closer he looked up again, but he wasn't sure what to do.

"What's that look for?" Derek asked.

"Why would you want me?" he replied with his own question.

"You mean apart from the broad shoulders, legs that go on forever and moles that I want to trace with my tongue?" Derek replied and managed to stun him speechless. "You are the most intelligent person I have ever met and I don't just mean book smarts..."

"Um, Lydia," he felt he had to point out.

"Lydia doesn't count as a normal human being," Derek acquiesced, "she is in a class of her own. You have saved my life more times than I care to count. You can be the most annoying person on the face of the planet and yet, god help me, I like it. When everything is going to hell you just say something and it all seems manageable again."

"You like that I'm annoying?"

"I like that you should be annoying and aren't," Derek said. "I don't like that you're still wearing clothes."

"Oh," was the best he could do.

"Want some help?" Derek asked and just lightly touched the hem of his shirt.

He nodded and let Derek draw the material upwards. He still felt inadequate, especially when he glanced down and saw what Derek was packing again, but the way Derek looked at him made him think it might not matter.

"I'll start the water," Derek told him and left him standing there in his boxers.

It took a swift mental kick to get himself to move after that. He shucked out of his shorts quickly before he could change his mind and then when Derek stepped into the shower he followed. He barely noticed the temperature of the water because he was suddenly in Derek's personal space and his coordination wasn't good enough to prevent skin contact. The power under his skin flared at the touch.

"Do you mind if I wash your hair?" Derek asked as they stood under the spray. "It's kind of a wolf thing."

"Social grooming?" Stiles asked because by now he knew everything there was to know about real wolves.

"Something like that," Derek said.

"Sure," he replied; it wasn't what he had expected, but it made sense.

The moment Derek's fingers touched his head he was so glad he had said yes. No one had washed his hair since his mom when he was younger, but this was an entirely different experience. Derek's touch was firm, but caressing and Stiles couldn't help himself, as Derek lathered his hair with shampoo he moaned. He closed his eyes and decided that he was totally not going to be embarrassed by how much his body was reacting to the simple show of affection. It was so nice it even managed to shut him up, well mostly, he still made noise; it was in his nature.

He was kind of disappointed when Derek told him to rinse. That didn't last long, though, because then Derek had shower gel on his hands and those hands were on Stiles.

"Okay?" Derek asked quietly.

"Yeah," he replied, strangely breathless.

It was almost an out of body experience as Derek slowly washed him and gently nuzzled as his neck, just below his ear.

"If there's anything you don't like, just tell me," Derek said as his hands moved downwards.

Stiles bit his tongue, because he knew if he opened his mouth he was never going to stop talking, but he nodded. He was way out of his experience, but as Derek touched him, clearly exploring, he felt safe and looked after in the older man's care.

The fact he could feel the power inside him reacting to the contact really didn't help him do anything sensible.

"Let me take care of you, please," Derek whispered.

"What about you?" he managed to say.

"We have plenty of time," Derek told him and so he nodded again.

Under Derek's ministrations, Stiles felt his cock hardening from semi-erect to fully erect even though Derek hadn't dipped below his waist yet. The touches were soothing and erotic at the same time and he felt himself relaxing into them. When Derek's strong hands finally soaped over his buttocks he almost tensed again, but he pushed the instinct away. Derek wouldn't do anything he didn't want and if he didn't like it all he had to do was say.

As Derek kissed him he kissed back, letting Derek pull their bodies flush and he could feel Derek's naked erection against his hip. It was far more intimate than he had imagined and heat ran through his body. Soft lips covered his own and he let his tongue dart out, deepening the kiss and bringing one of his hands up to put against Derek's chest.

He was so involved in the touch of lips and tongues and the slight scratch of stubble that he only belatedly realised what else Derek was doing. Only as the pad of Derek's finger brushed across his hole did he notice where Derek's hand actually was. He started at the touch, moving forward against Derek and Derek stilled for a moment, clearly waiting to see what he would do and he took those seconds for what they were. It had felt strange, but he wanted this, wanted it far more than he could have realised, so he deepened the kiss again and moved slightly to give Derek better access.

Permission given, Derek started to tease him carefully as they continued to kiss. The shower gel was slick and they were only half under the spray now, so Derek's finger moved over his hole smoothly, pushing just a little harder every now and then. It was sensual and Stiles felt everything going straight to his dick. He kept losing the kiss, because the touches distracted him and eventually he put his face against Derek's shoulder and wound his arms around his lover. Derek started kissing his neck instead and he moaned quietly, nipping at the wet flesh under his lips.

For once he managed to draw a sound out of Derek, rather than the other way round. He wasn't quite sure what he had done, but clearly to Derek it was a signal to go up a gear, because Derek's slick finger finally breached him. He gasped and trembled, but realised quickly that he was pushing back into the sensation.

"Oh god," he said, the damn on his speech he had been so diligently trying to maintain blowing away, "that ... oh god."

His chaotic brain really had no way to deal with all the new input and all he could do was trust Derek. It was going to take him a while to adjust and his thoughts were scattering in so many directions. Holding on, he did his best to simply experience.

"Still okay?" Derek asked.

He nodded.

"More please," he said and pulled back a little, opening his eyes so he could look at Derek, "oh my god, more."

Derek obliged, smiling at him just a little, and slowly moving the intruding finger in and out of his hole.

"Never done this before," he said, unable to stop the words anymore; "should have tried it years ago."

"I know what will make it even better," Derek told him and his mouth might have fallen open as Derek slowly slid downwards. "You might want to hold on," Derek added.

"Oh my god," he said yet again, because it seemed to be only appropriate and grabbed for anything in reach that would support him.

Then he swore much more colourfully as Derek sucked his dick into what Stiles was learning was a very sinful mouth.

"Won't last," was as coherent as he managed, because he was only human and he was a teenager and he had something of a hair trigger.

"Don't need to," Derek said, pulling off for a moment and then Derek pushed one finger back inside him and began sucking him again.

He had no idea what he was saying, but he just couldn't shut up as the litany of words was the only thing between him and ending everything before it had barely begun. There was no chance of thinking unsexy thoughts to hold off, so he spouted nonsense as Derek tried to suck his brain out through his dick. He was proud that he managed to last a minute before he bucked into Derek's mouth and fell apart. That finally did make him nonverbal for a while.

Derek looked like the wolf who'd just caught the rabbit when he stood up again. Frankly, Stiles thought Derek deserved to.

It was nearly an hour later, after a slightly awkward discussion as to whether Stiles wanted to carry on what they had been doing and bottom first or change it up where he had decided to keep going down the road they were on; Derek had spent ages opening him up with lube and fingers and Stiles had probably recited the dictionary several times over while magic rippled under his skin, that Derek finally pushed into him and barrel number three of their magical combination lock clicked into place.

As far as Stiles was concerned sex was amazing and so he told Derek exactly how amazing for as long as he could, until he came again with magic blowing his mind at the same time.

After that his erection just didn't seem to want to go away and he couldn't for the life of him stop touching Derek. He wasn't sure if Derek had even come yet, but all he knew was he wanted to make Derek explode and he wanted to be inside Derek when that happened. It was a goal and he could occasionally be very focused when the goal was important. Thankfully Derek seemed perfectly happy to help him to his goal, guiding him and offering up whatever he wanted.

If he was honest it was all a bit dreamlike and he knew time passed, but he wasn't sure exactly how he ended up between Derek's legs sinking into warm, slick heat and gazing into Derek's bright eyes. The magical sensations were beginning to take over from the physical ones. The real world was what he could only describe as fluffy on the edges as Stiles' awareness split between two planes. He was trying to keep a rhythm as he stared down at Derek, but his body just wasn't responding fast enough to his brain.

"Stiles," Derek said, voice tight with arousal and need, but laced with concern.

It was a good thing too, because he seemed to lose all coordination for a moment and ended up leaning over Derek and slipping out of him completely. The power was prickling his skin and urging him on, but he couldn't seem to do it.

"Need to keep going," he said, trying to push back onto his knees.

He only managed to miss clumsily and then Derek was helping him to lie down on the bed.

"What's wrong?" Derek asked.

"Magic," he said and grabbed Derek as his lover tried to move away. "Need to finish."

His vision wasn't whiting out this time, but something else did flash into his mind's eye every few seconds.

"Please," he begged, because things were happening and he needed Derek.

"Okay," Derek agreed and Stiles went to try and sit up, but Derek pushed him down onto his back. "Let me," Derek told him.

He really wasn't ready for the show of athleticism as Derek straddled him, took hold of his cock in a very firm manner and then slid down onto it. For a moment his vision did flash and it had nothing to do with magic.

"Yes," he said as his body and magic responded.

Derek rocked above him doing all the work again, but Stiles didn't have the time or thought processes to feel guilty. He was reaching for something on both the magical and physical levels and with every move Derek made Stiles was closer to both. His body was tightening with the familiar pressure of an approaching orgasm, but his magic was spreading out.

"Pack," he said breathlessly. "Derek, I can feel them, I can feel you."

He didn't know how to explain it. They were all there: Scott, all bright and warm with a shadow around him; Alison and Isaac, somewhere close together, all but tangled; Lydia, sharp and soft at the same time; Ethan and Aiden, two and yet one and oh so very broken; then there was Derek, so bright and so close that he almost blinded Stiles as Derek's presence flooded him with warmth and need.

For just a moment he felt them and he thought he felt echoes of the same coming back at him before he fell apart, surrendering to his orgasm and to the power inside of him. The magic that had joined with him when he and Derek first kissed and had built at every stage settled into his very core and spread from him, through him and Derek to the rest of the pack.

It was the most mind-blowing experience of his young life. He was pretty sure he yelled something along with what sounded suspiciously like a howl from Derek as the power took them.

He lay there staring at nothing, panting for what seemed like an age with Derek all but collapsed on top of him.

"Derek," he finally said, patting Derek's shoulder.

Derek mumbled something back, but Stiles had no idea what it was.

"Derek, are you okay?" he asked, kicking his brain into something resembling reality as he began to worry.

"Fine," Derek managed to be coherent this time, "just can't move. That was ..."

"Yeah," he agreed; he couldn't put it into words either.

After another few moments that definitely felt like Derek trying to gather the will, Derek climbed off of him and collapsed onto the bed in what was a very uncoordinated display. That made Stiles feel somewhat better about his performance at least.

"Did you feel them?" he asked.

"Yes," Derek replied, lying on his back with his eyes closed.

"They're our pack," Stiles said in wonder, "even jerkoff 1 and jerkoff 2."

Derek snorted a laugh at that and Stiles could feel his body coming back under his control, so he had to assume the same was true of Derek. He grinned to himself as the mystical fog left him and he slowly pushed up on one elbow.

"Deaton said I should be able to turn into a wolf," he said as his brain kicked back into gear.

"You're thinking about that now, really?" Derek looked at him askance.

"I think about everything all the time," he replied. "I'm also considering how many other sexual position we have to try out, if my recovery time was to do with the whole mystical thing we had going, or if it's the whole wolfy, but not wolfy thing and a hundred other things you probably don't want to hear about."

The way Derek's eyes dragged all the way down his body and back again at the mention of sexual positions made him swallow rather hard.

"How about we find out about recovery time while you tell me all about these sexual positions and then we can worry about the wolf stuff later?" Derek suggested.

Stiles could get on board with that.

"Well that table," he said and pointed, "it's just begging for claw marks."

On to Part 3

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