Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Woohoo - my birthday reminders decided to work this morning ...

... and in honour of them actually popping up for a change: Happy Birthday allhoneyboo, its_art and niza_74. Also Happy belated birthday to anyone I have missed because the alerts didn't tell me.

So do I have anything even remotely interesting to say ... *thinks and watches tumbleweed roll across thought centre of the brain* ... probably not :).

I suppose I could comment on the whole wank debate that's going on. I have to admit that I have a facination with wank (that could be so misconstrued, couldn't it ;)), but it's absolutely no fun when you're in the middle of it, so I feel guilty about reading it. Not a very big opinon, but that's mine.

The evil black cat decided that sitting next to my ear and purring loudly at five o'clock this morning was a good idea. She and I will have to have a chat about this at some point :).

Oh, and I finished the half chapter of BM2 I mentioned yesterday - turned out to be nearly 3,000 words, which came as rather a shock. It was only supposed to be one of those little filler scenes, but the muses ran off and decided to do their own thing.

Anyone else think muses are like cats: never to be understood, simply obeyed! ;)

[Edit: I have 101 LJ posts to answer in my inbox - I have not forgotten, so if you are expecting a reply from me, I will get there.]

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