Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Cats - why do I love them?

Y'know it's really hard to type with a cat on your lap between you and the keyboard. My tiny little kitty cat seems to be growing exponentially. She is almost the same height as Levi and has worryingly large paws.

BM2 is going well - 15 chapters almost done (1/2 a scene to write), and 65% of the rest done as well (I think). I have it all plotted out now and I'm looking forward to finishing it :). It fun to write, but I want to start posting *whine*. I've decided to use the same system as GTS, five chapters a week, since that's the best I can manage with all the places I post ::g::. 95,500 words so far.

On a less happy note - my birthday reminders don't seem to be working. Some days they pop up and other days they don't and I can't see a pattern. Most odd.

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