Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Had the weirdest dream last night ...

... and when I say weird, I mean weird.

It started off as your standard zombie dream - running to escape zombies (and they were bloody fast zombies too). Nothing really odd about that, bit of an anxiety dream, but as they go it wasn't too horrid. However, then it took on a plot. Turned out me and someone were cornered by the zombies, but they weren't mindless individuals; they had a society and everything and it was actually better being a zombie. So we surrendered and got turned.

Then for some reason I vanished from the plot and was just observing the dream.

Turns out there are alpha zombies - did you know that? No, neither did I, but yep, zombies have a hierarchy and the most badass ones are alphas (possibly I have read too much Teenwolf fanfic lately ;)). And then this is the best part. Wanna know who my friend and apparently alpha zombie turned out to be ... da, da, da ... Adam Lambert.

No I don't know why Adam Lambert turned up in my zombie dream either, but he was badass and very nice for a zombie, so it turned out not to be such a bad dream after all :).

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