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Dreadful horror movies and more Amber :)

So Rob and I fancied watching some horror movies last night so we looked at what Sky OnDemand had to offer. We'd seen most of them, but there were two that looked possible, one of which being a new vampire offering called Vampire U. It had Gary Cole; we hoped it couldn't be too terrible.

Yeah, we lasted about fifteen mins into it I think. Oh my god, the jokes were just terrible and not funny. I literally could not bear to watch it.

Next we tried Playback and we didn't last much longer on that. Take about telegraphing what was going to happen as it went along. I am sure some people loved it because it wasn't badly made, just totally not my kind of film.

Anyway, I have Fright Night 2 - New Blood arriving today. It seems to be another remake of Fright Night because there is a Geri (they cross gendered the lead) a Charlie and Ed and an Amy. My reasoning is it can't be any worse than the other remake. I shall do a review of it once Rob and I have watched it.

Now some piccies of Amber at play and eating her own back foot because I thought it was cute ;). Sorry some of them are a little blurred - she moves very fast ::g::.

These are from Friday, but I thought I'd give you a little bit of a break from them :). Cynthia, the lovely lady who had Amber before us, came round on Sat for tea and cake and we had a lovely afternoon. Since then Amber had been very friendly and seems even more settled, which is great. She lets us stroke her while she is wandering around now and she still doesn't like people looming over her, but sit on the carpet and she finds it hard to resist strokes. I'm thinking we might even get to cuddles eventually :).

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