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Getting a new kitty! :)

So as of Friday, Rob and I are getting a new kitty. So excited! :)

I have missed having a cat a lot, but for a while after Levi died we just didn't want another one and then we knew we were going away for a long weekend in Sept and didn't want to have a new kitty only to go away from them for four days while they were still settling. Hence we waited and it was a great decision because Amber came up for re-homing.

She is absolutely beautiful and lovely natured, although she can be nervous around new people. She's the kind of cat who likes to come up to you, not the other way around, but she did seem to really enjoy being given a love when we went to meet her at the cattery.

Cynthia, the lovely lady who is re-homing Amber, came over to visit yesterday to check our house and make sure it was suitable and apart from cat proofing the garden so Amber can't get out (Rob has ordered the supplies already and they should be here by next week) all is well. Rob is having to give up the sideboard in the old kitchen where he has his 3D printer, but it's a small sacrifice :).

I was on Amazon yesterday to buy a litter tray, carrier, dry food, water fountain and blanket (she likes to have things she can snuggle under) and today I went to B&M and Scats (local farm shop) to buy a bed, bowls, litter and some toys :).

Just have some wet food to buy on Friday now and we're set.

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