Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Richard, our dear Richard ...

mhalachaiswords and I were having a little chat, and we stumbled onto a topic that some of the rest of you might find interesting, so I thought I'd make a post about it.

The question: is it possible to slash Richard in a realistic manner?

I know some of you don't like him anyway, but could you see him slashed with any other character in the books.

If yes, with whom, and what elements would have to be there for it make sense to you? (Fic recs always welcome ::g::)

If no, why?

For me I think it would have to be a threesome, most likely Anita/Jean-Claude/Richard, for real rather than the almost sex of Incubus Dreams. It would have to be a plotty story and probably involve lots of soul searching and angst before I'd really believe it.

Oh and while we're talking AB slash, can anyone point me at some good AB slash fic. Preferably involving Nathaniel in some way :). Nathaniel/Anita + 1 is my very happy place (and if that +1 is Micah or Jason I will love you forever). I've seen a few on Pomme De Sang, but nothing really long and plotty. Oh and a happy ending is very preferable ;).
Tags: fandom: anita blake

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