Beren (beren_writes) wrote,


Y'know that chapter I mentioned yesterday - the one in the Crossover of Doom (TM) that Soph was making me rewrite - well it's now two chapters, and there's this whole new bit that sort of wrote itself and now I have to write little bits in later to harp back to it. This is why I never publish before I finish a fic; the muses are too unpredictable ::g::. Oh and I've finished the first 9 chapters now, and I'd say two thrids of the rest is done - approx. 81,000 words.

I think the cats have decided to tag team me while Rob's away, and what's more embarassing is I think they have me wrapped around their little paws. They both sat there the other day looking at me and I fed them prawns - prawns! At night they take up positions on the duvet either side of my legs and pin me down, and then Levi walks up and down me in the morning when he thinks it's time for breakfast. Usually that would get him tipped off the bed, but I seem to have lost my mind while my husband is away and I have taken to getting up and feeding them both. Thank god I don't have children, I'd hate to see what I'd do then ::g::.

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