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Drabble Cascade #25 - COMPETITION

You have until midnight tonight to enter the Drabble Cascade competition at the link below and be in with a chance of winning a $25 Amazon voucher (or equiv in your Amazon currency). We take any genre, any rating including fanfic and original fic.

Entering is simple:
  • write a drabble (100 words) or flash fic inspired by our prompt word of the week 'time' and post it to your blog/LJ/Tumblr etc
  • add your link to the list at the main competition post, linked below
  • add the list code to your entry (or a link to the list/main competition post if your platform won't take the list code)

Winner will be drawn at random from all entries and you are welcome to enter as many times as you like. See the link below for all the details.

Main competition post on Blogger

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