Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Monday ... I don't like Mondays ...

What is it about Mondays that makes me want to crawl back into bed? Answers on a postcard...

Thanks to all who replied to the Floo vs Portkey vs Apparting question, I shall reply eventually. All very interesting ideas - I'm glad it's not just me who has weird and wonderful theories about these things :). Y'know some people might say we think too hard, but I love it ::g::.

The Crossover of Doom(TM) is still growing, but Soph's making me rewrite a 2.5 thousand word scene *pout*. Okay, so I knew it when I sent it to her, but don't you just hate it when someone confirms what you already know and makes you do what you really don't want to.

Y'know how sometimes you write a chapter and you have everything in there you need, but you read it back and you think 'bloody hell, that's boring' - well I had one of those. It's taken an extra scene and the aforementioned rewrite to liven it up a bit :P. I really hate it when Soph confirms my instincts - she doesn't pull her punches either. :) I believe one of the ways she described it was 'deadly' - if she hadn't been right I might have had to take revenge ;).

Rob's in Las Vegas at the moment at a trade show so it's just me and the kitty cats at home. I miss him. He'll be back Saturday so I hope this week goes really quickly. His major comment on Las Vegas so far was 'The shops are good, but everything else is plastic' ::g::.

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