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All My Teen Wolf Fics

Teen Wolf Fics
Fanfics involving the characters for MTV's Teen Wolf.
Title/LinkAO3Pairing(s)/Character(s)RatingWd CountDate Pub
Self-Sacrifice (Part 1 of the Sacrifice Arc)or on AO3nonePG1350014-Aug-2013
Summary:Things are not going to plan so Stiles takes desperate steps to make sure his friends and family are safe.
Rebirth (Part 2 of the Sacrifice Arc)or on AO3 pre-Sterek, pre-Scott/Allison/IsaacPG134,02415-Aug-2013
Summary:In the aftermath of defeating the Darach no one knows what's happened to Stiles and there is still the whole problem of the Alpha pack to deal with.
Interlude (Part 2b of the Sacrifice Arc)or on AO3Scott/Allison/IsaacPG131,57515-Aug-2013
Summary:Interlude - Scott has to deal with the change in Isaac's behaviour.(Set during part 2, when Scott and Isaac return to Scott's house and the morning after).
Something (Part 3 of the Sacrifice Arc)or on AO3Sterek, Scott/Allison/Isaac hintsPG137,44116-Aug-2013
Summary:Stiles wakes up after his ordeal and has to deal with what he did and everything that has happened since. Not even Deaton has an explanation. Then things get weirder.
Conversations (Part 4 of the Sacrifice Arc)or on AO3Sterek, Allison/Scott/IsaacPG133,33317-Aug-2013
Summary:Three conversations in three different homes as Derek, Stiles and Scott deal with what comes next.

If you would like the stories downloaded I suggest you go to the AO3 links and use their download option. They offer PDF, Mobi, ePub and HTML.
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Tags: fandom: teen wolf, genre: werewolf, type: listings of my fics

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