Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

I will reply to the last AB topic ... promise, but for now I have a couple of questions...

These have definitive answers (I hope) :).

1. What does Asher call Anita - I'm almost sure he has a pet name for her at times, just like J-C, but I can't remember what it is and my books are at home (anyone know where I can get them in pdf or the like - I have all the HP ones, but can't locate any AB).

2. I'm confusing my vampire universes - do the vamps in AB have to be invited in to a place of residence? My brain will give me details like the colour of everyone's eyes, but not what I really want to know at the moment. I'm blaming the flu :).

Thanks for any assistance.
Tags: fandom: anita blake

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