Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Good morning all

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has sent words of support over the whole troll business. I think it's time to forget about it now, and I wouldn't have made it through sane without all of you.

Welcome to my new friends, I've had to prune my comms twice to make enough space, thanks to arrmaitee's Friend the HP Blacklist initiative, but I think it's a lovely idea :). I've friended most of you back. If I haven't it either that I can't fingure out how old you are (in some cases I took a wild guess), or you have no entries in your LJ, and I can't tell who you are at all.

If you wish to convince me to friend you back, comment here and tell me who you are. If you are below 16, however, I won't. 16 is the age of consent in the UK and it's my cutoff for friends of this journal because of some of the content.

P.S. If any of my new friends want to be on my one and only content filter for Anita Blake, please comment here as well and let me know. This LJ is mostly HP so everything AB (except the fic once I post it), will be on the filter.

P.P.S. I'm back at work, but I'm still trying to work out if it was a mistake or not. If I sit still I'm okay, if I try and do anything remotely strenuous I want to sit back down again. I really hate being ill, especially when it's a pesky virus with no obvious symptoms except making me feel crap *pout*. At least when you're sneezing you can identify exactly what's wrong. Soph went to the doctor with it the other day and he just told her to stay home and rest, so unfortunately there is no miracle cure.

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