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Fic: The Loco of Loki, Avengers, Tony/Loki/Pepper, NC17/18 (4/4)

Title: The Loco of Loki (4/4)
Author: Beren
Fandom: Avengers 2012, Iron Man, Thor
Pairing: Tony/Pepper/Loki (eventually)
Rating: NC17/18
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Marvel et al. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings: SPOILERS for Iron Man 3, vampires
Summary: Tony gets an unexpected visit from Loki when the demi-god is supposed to be safely locked up in Asgard. The thing is he's pretty sure Loki didn't have fangs last time they met.
Author's Notes: I know Marvel has canonical vampires, but I don't read the comics and there haven't been any in the movie-verse so I'm just running with whatever I fancy :). Also, I started writing this before the teaser trailer for Thor 2 came out, so it mostly doesn't gel with that. Thanks to Soph for the beta.
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Problem Solved

Having spent most of the day in the lab while Thor and Steve looked after a feverish Loki, Tony decided to visit with news. He met Pepper as he came from leaving Bruce.

"Anything?" she asked.

"We're almost sure it's the sex," Tony replied. "Bruce is trying to isolate what it could be."

"Maybe it would have been easier if we'd gone with your first suggestion then," Pepper said as they stepped into the elevators to the private levels.

"If only you'd said that earlier," Tony replied and they smiled a little at each other.

He was feeling more relaxed now they had had a vaguely sensible explanation. If he was being honest with himself, something he was trying out these days, he liked Loki a lot and he had been worried.

"How long do you think it will take Bruce to figure out what Loki needs?" Pepper asked.

"A day or so, probably," Tony replied. "Bruce likes to double check his results."

He didn't have to say why.

"And until then?"

"I'd have said purchase some professional help," he said, "but I can visualise SHIELD's reaction to unsanctioned personnel and Fury would probably order Natasha to take one for the team."


"Well it's not like he hasn't bitten me before," Tony said as various things he had been thinking coalesced inside his brain.

Pepper didn't look remotely surprised; she knew him so well.

"With me," was all she said.

"And he has to wake up for more than five minutes first," Tony added as they reached the correct floor.

That was it, they were agreed and Tony took the lead as they walked to Loki's room.

"Welcome, friends," Thor greeted, "I'm afraid there has been little change."

"Well, we're sure it's the sex," Tony said, deciding that definite was the best way to go where Thor was concerned.

Thor immediately brightened and Tony was loath to admit it, but it was really a bit like the sun coming out from behind clouds. He could sympathise with Loki wanting to kill his brother if it happened a lot.

"Then all that must be done is to find my brother a willing partner," Thor said, standing. "I shall attend to it immediately."

"Hold up, Blondie," Tony said, "yes, but no, because Loki's a secret, remember?"

"But surely this is of more import than..."

"We can't risk it," Pepper said, and the way that stopped Thor said a lot about what Pepper meant to all the Avengers.

"Then how?" Thor asked.

"Well I," he turned and looked at Pepper, "we are willing to volunteer."

Steve who had been listening to the whole conversation looked shocked.

"Is that safe?" Steve asked.

"He bit me before and he was in worse shape," Tony replied, because he had actually thought it through.

"You are willing to do this for my brother?" Thor sounded just a little choked up, which really should have been some kind of warning.

However, Tony still wasn't fast enough to get out of the way and found himself on the end of a very enthusiastic hug from a Norse god, with Pepper sandwiched right next to him. It was quite hard to breathe.

"Thor," a tired, but coherent voice said, "unhand them before they expire."

Tony had never been gladder of Loki's sarcasm.

"Well, Sleeping Beauty," Tony said, doing his best not to see spots as he was freed, "you're looking like shit. So did you hear all that or have you just woken up?"

"I heard," Loki replied and he really did look pale and like death warmed over; "your voice is quite piercing."

The room was dim and the demi-god clearly didn't have the strength to maintain his glamour, but Tony smiled. If Loki had enough energy for sass they were doing okay.

"So," he said, "what do you think? Can you handle me a second time?"

For once Loki did not quip back as had become usual between them and the demi-god's gaze flicked between him and Pepper.

"You are sure?"

"You mean you missed all the flirting, I'm hurt," Tony replied.

"Perfectly," was what Pepper said and that was so typical of both of them that Loki appeared to take both at face value.

"Then I would be pleased to accept your gracious offer," Loki said, almost as if they were forming some sort of treaty; maybe in the head of a prince they were.

There were layers to Loki and Tony was all too aware he had not been exposed to all of them.

Being that he was Tony Stark he didn't do nervous, but he was just a little bit excited. His stomach fluttered with anticipation.

"So, you look like you need a good meal and you've probably been starving since you got here," he launched in. "Like they say, there's no time like the present. Personally I've always been a man of the future, but you get what I mean."

Loki smiled just a little and pushed himself up in the bed. There was strength there, probably greater than any human, but for Loki the movements were weak.

"As much as I am ravenous," Loki said, "I fear I am somewhat disgusting. I must make use of the toiletry facilities before we can engage in any arrangement."

Tony immediately saw possibilities and gave Pepper a quick look. She simply raised her eyebrows slightly, which was a tentative agreement.

"Well, no offense, but you look like you'll take a header in a light breeze let alone a shower," he commented; "how about some help?"

"That would be welcome," Loki said while moving to the edge of the bed.

The demi-god was clearly stronger than his pallor would have suggested, because he managed to stand up, but his stance was nowhere near its usual perfect deportment. Tony didn't move in to help directly because he was all too aware that was more likely to annoy than be welcomed, but he did indicate the way into the bathroom with a dramatic arm flare and allowing Loki and Pepper to proceed him.

"We shall make this room tidy and leave you alone, My Friends," Thor said, eminently cheerful and apparently not in the least bothered by the fact he knew his brother was about to have sex.

"Thank you, Thor," Loki said from just inside the bathroom.

Once he had made it over the same threshold, Tony closed the door and for the first time Loki's demeanour changed. When Loki turned to look at him, leaning against the wall for support, Tony could see hesitation in the demi-god's eyes.

"You are aware that it is likely there is actually no requirement for real sex?" Loki said.

"Yes," Tony said and started to undress.

Loki remained leaning against the wall and looked to Pepper.

"Why take the risk?" Tony asked and smiled one of his winning smiles.

"What Tony is failing to say," Pepper stepped in before Loki could reply to that, "is we are here because we want to be, not simply because we need to be."

For a few moments Loki simply stood there, slowly considering them.

"Do you do this often?" Loki asked in a manner that suggested he was trying not to give offence.

"First time," Tony replied.

The why was written in Loki's face; the demi-god didn't have to actually say it.

"Have you looked in the mirror lately?" Tony asked.

"I am not Thor," was totally not what he expected to come back at him.


"I know what I look like," Loki replied; "I am not the epitome of a great warrior."

"And around here we stopped just going for the warrior type several decades ago," Tony replied. "Sure, Thor is smokin' if you like the type, but muscles aren't everything. I go for devilishly handsome myself."

Loki looked at Pepper still not at all sure. The fact a god, a strikingly handsome god for that matter, had self-image issues really was mind blowing, even if Tony had kind of known it before.

"I think you can see my taste," Pepper said and nodded in Tony's direction; "dark, handsome, slightly insane."

Tony laughed at that and Loki's face was a picture; as usual Pepper had hit the nail on the head.

"See," he said, "both here of our own free will."

At least Loki seemed to accept that.

"Now we just have to have the awkward conversation," Tony decided to leap in with both feet. "One hard and fast rule, no biting Pepper, because we don't know what her metabolic irregularities will do to you."

"The Extremis," Loki replied with a nod.

Tony didn't know how Loki knew that, because it was top secret and he definitely hadn't discussed, it, but then, mind meld, so anything was possible.

"Great, awkward point one, done," he said and grinned, "now awkward topic two: safe sex. From the scans it's pretty sure neither of you can actually catch anything and I know I'm clean, so that just leaves us with the delicate topic of conception."

He looked at Loki, because he knew Pepper was covered.

"If you mention horses I may have to kill you," Loki said in a very dry tone.

"Look I don't know what's legend and what's real," Tony defended himself. "Two years ago I'd never met a god or an alien. I'd rather have one embarrassing conversation now than the patter of little hooves later."

"In this form I am completely, one hundred percent, male," Loki conceded.

"And is your godly mojo likely to bypass human contraceptive methods?"

He had to be sure.

"I do not know about Thor, but I found a spell many years ago that prevents me from being fertile unless I wish it," Loki revealed, which was the last hurdle really.

"Pep, we've found ourselves an enlightened man," Tony said; in his experience a lot of men left contraception to the ladies because they couldn't be bothered.

"I am more impressed all the time," Pepper said and slipped out of her dress in one simple movement.

For a little while Tony forgot how to think; Pepper had that effect on him sometimes, especially when she was being particularly provocative. The fact she was wearing only a tiny thong under her dress had all of Tony's attention.

"Right," he said, shaking himself out of the momentary stupor, "wow, okay, let's get everyone naked."

When he glanced at Loki, the demi-god's eyes were as transfixed as his had been. Definitely no problem about attraction there, but then he hadn't thought there would be. He was already half out of his clothes and as he undressed the rest of the way, Loki removed the t-shirt and boxers which were Loki's only clothing and Pepper bent over to pick up and fold her dress, before slipping out of her thong just as daintily as she had removed her main clothing.

They were all naked.

If Tony had been the type he might have felt a little inferior given that both Pepper and Loki were poster children for perfect bodies, but he wasn't and he was quite happy with his own physical form. Having a blue light in his chest for several years had actually been good for his own body image because after that, nothing was weird. The fact it was gone now and all he had to show for it was some interesting patterning hadn't really changed his mind set.

"Now aren't we an attractive trio," he said and grinned.

"Modest as well," Loki replied and there was an almost smile tugging at the demi-god's mouth.

"JARVIS, start the shower," Tony said and enjoyed the view as he let his gaze roam over both Pepper and Loki to his heart's content.

"Yes, Sir," JARVIS replied and the shower came on, steaming in only seconds.

"JARVIS is watching us?" Loki asked. "I thought there was a privacy protocol."

"There is," Tony replied, "but JARVIS always watches me unless I tell him not to. I can if you want, but I wouldn't mind having a record of this."

He was well aware some people did not like the idea of recordings of their sex lives, but no one had ever accused Tony of lacking in narcissistic tendencies. In reality he didn't keep many of the recordings, but there were a couple he had stashed deep in JARVIS' mainframe. Both were him and Pepper; he had junked all the older ones after he had devoted himself to monogamy.

"You wish to be able to replay whatever happens here?" Loki asked showing no shock, simply curiosity.

"Yeah," he replied; "any objections?"

"No," Loki replied and appeared, at least to Tony, just a little pleased.

He scored one for a fellow narcissist and held out a hand to Pepper.

"Clean and then blood?" Tony asked.

"That would seem advisable," Loki agreed.

"Don't worry about a thing," Pepper said as Tony opened the shower door and allowed Loki to step inside; "we don't want you over taxing yourself."

"I am perfectly capable ..."

Tony silenced Loki by putting a finger on the demi-god's lips.

"Of course you are," he said, "but please, let us play."

One thing that had been very clear from the mind meld was that Loki had a serious inferiority complex and was very touchy when it came to being perceived as weak.

"I meant no disrespect," Pepper said, deftly closing the door and enclosing them in warm heat, "I'm just used to coaxing Tony into these things."

"My apologies," Loki said quietly, clearly off balance.

Pepper smiled and then leaned in to Loki, pausing momentarily to ask permission and then leaning in the rest of the way to give Loki a kiss as the demi-god swayed towards her. It wasn't a very long kiss, but there was something about it that had a great deal of Tony's blood heading south. He knew Pepper and Loki still reacted to each other on a very base level and now they weren't attempting to control it, it was incredibly evocative.

"Wow," he said, "do I get one of those?" because of course his mouth was never out of action unless it was occupied.

As expected Pepper was only too happy to oblige, as was Loki, apparently and Tony felt quite breathless as first one, then the other did far more than peck him on the cheek. He might possibly have been grinning like a loon when both of them had pulled back.

"Clean," Pepper said before he could open his mouth again; "before we get sidetracked."

When Pepper used that tone, Tony didn't argue and reached round for the sponge and the wash cloth sitting on the shower rack, as well at the very expensive shower wash Pepper insisted on for every bathroom. He passed the sponge to Pepper and kept the wash cloth for himself, emptying a good measure of the gel onto it. Loki watched all this with casual disinterest, although Tony couldn't help noticing that Loki's cock was definitely taking notice. Tony had no doubt Loki had been telling the truth when the demi-god said he was totally male, because that was one impressive dick.

"Water pressure down," Tony said, since the very cleverly designed shower (yes he had put together the blueprints himself, the original design had been completely inefficient) already had them all nice and wet.

The shower turned into a light mist that would keep them warm, but not wash off all the soap instantly. With a grin Tony put the wash cloth flat against Loki's chest and began to lather Loki up. Pepper began on their demi-god's back.

It was abundantly clear that Loki was not quite sure how to react, because that blank look Tony knew how to interpret was firmly in place.

"Not used to showering with others?" he asked in a conversational tone as he very much enjoyed watching suds run over Loki's chest.

"We have communal baths," Loki replied, voice devoid of expression, "but I long since chose to maintain my privacy."

An alarm rang in Tony's head at that; clearly they were wandering into body image territory again.

"Can't say I blame you," he replied; "there is nothing worse than a bath full of jocks to totally ruin anyone's mood. Wow, you have really perfect skin."

Because Loki was not maintaining whatever spell he used to protect himself, the skin under Tony's hands was incredibly pale, but it was totally smooth and blemishless.

"I'm jealous," Pepper said, although Tony knew for a fact Pepper had perfect skin as well.

"Cleaning," Tony said, more to himself than anyone else, "must remember, cleaning."

"Having problems, Mr Stark?" Pepper asked, a laugh in her voice.

"Well he's distracting, Miss Potts," Tony defended himself.

"Yes, I know," Pepper returned.

"And he is currently present," Loki added, possibly a little acidly.

"Oh, trust me, Casanova, we know," Tony replied and looked Loki right in the eye; "Pep's just trying to keep me on track. God I want to run my tongue all over you."

Loki went from annoyed, through surprised into pleased in under a second; it was fun to watch.

"Later, Tony," Pepper said and then crouched down with the grace of a dancer and began to work on Loki's lower half.

"Oh boy," Tony said as his mind conjured up so many possibilities; "I think I'll stay up here or I really will get distracted."

He only had so much will power after all.

"What?" he asked innocently when Loki lifted an elegant eyebrow at him. "Pepper's had practice; she's found me semi-passed out in the lab a time or two. She's good at this."

And she was; she had Loki all clean in moments without it being weird at all. Tony would never understand how she did that.

"Would you like us to wash your hair?" Pepper asked as she stood up again.

"Once I am stronger I could simply use magic," Loki replied.

"You could," Pepper said and graced Loki with one of her understanding smiles, "but what would you prefer?"

"I would prefer to feel you fingers running over my scalp," Loki said, "but I fear we may not have time."

"Feeling the effects again?" Tony asked, dropping anything coy for more practical matters.

"I believe so," Loki admitted.

"Right, then let's get this done," he replied. "I'm going to brace myself over here because I really don't want to end up in a heap on the floor, then I'm ready when you are."

He moved to the corner, making sure he had plenty of surface to lean against and then held out his arms in invitation. It must have been urgent, because Loki did not need inviting twice.

There was nothing soft about Loki; the demi-god was all hard lines and muscle and it was difficult to miss when Tony felt it pushed against him in the shower cubicle. Not many men turned Tony on, he was much more a woman's man, but there was something about powerful and lean that did it for him. The fact he was in the shower with two people who could probably rip him apart if they so chose appealed to his sense of excitement and the attractiveness level was off the scale.

Frankly, Tony didn't need anything to help along his arousal. However, as Loki bit down there was the same surge of lust and need he had felt the first time and this time he didn't fight it. He let it wash through him, taking him to a sexual high that blew any sensible thought out of his mind. There was no specific sensation; it was not simulated sex, it was simply as if every neuron in his brain was suddenly wired for abstract sex.

Underneath it he could sense Loki. He knew if he pushed he would end up in Loki's head again, but he didn't, holding himself in the virtual world of the phantom sex. It was incredible as his body hummed with it. He could feel Loki's hands on his body, but his nerves were reacting to non-existent stimulae, not what was actually happening. It was confusing and totally mind blowing.

His cock was achingly hard and he was desperate to come in what could only have been a few seconds. For a man who prided himself on his vast knowledge of sex it was so new in its difference that it had him completely. If this was what Loki had done to those nameless others the demi-god had fed on it was no wonder they hadn't noticed what else was going on.

He definitely tried to swear, but all that came out of his mouth was something a little less coherent than a floundering seal. It would have been embarrassing if it hadn't been so damn good.

How long the experience went on he couldn't have said because it felt like far too long and not even close to long enough all at the same time when his body finally caved to the overwhelming sensations and he came so hard everything went white. It took some deep breaths and some very wanton noises before he felt half ready to return to the real world. When he opened his eyes and blinked he felt himself smiling in a very satisfied manner, which totally belied the quiet concern with which Loki was looking at him.

"Oh I like that," he said, at which point Loki's expression relaxed.

"I can tell," Pepper said and smirked at him from where she was standing against the clear shower wall.

"You have a most gratifying reaction," Loki added and appeared quite pleased with himself.

It was also more than obvious that Loki was feeling a hell of a lot better. The demi-god's skin had more colour, his eyes were brighter and he appeared all together healthy.

"Feeling better?" Tony asked, just in case.

"Much, thank you," Loki replied.

"Maybe we should make sure?" Tony suggested with a mischievous grin.

"One should always test one's hypotheses," Loki replied with an equally roguish expression, "however, I believe we are neglecting our most beautiful companion, which is unforgivable."

"Oh, I can't say I mind watching," Pepper replied and licked her lips.

"But he's right, Pep," Tony said and tried to push himself off the shower wall. "Oh," he said as his legs shook, "actually, I think I'll stay here for a minute."

Clearly his body needed a little time to recover.

"Are you okay?" Pepper asked, slipping out of the game for a second.

"Fine," he assured her, "just need to convince my legs that bearing my weight is a good idea. But don't let me stop you two."

He leered at her just to make sure she believed him and he got the expected eye roll. Loki seemed to take that as his cue and turned away from Tony.

"May I be of service, My Lady?" Loki asked, scant inches from Pepper.

"Oh yes," Pepper replied and Tony saw the spark in her eyes.

Since he was still trying to get his legs to work correctly, Tony didn't so much as move when Loki fell to his knees. It clearly wasn't what Pepper had expected, but the way she pushed herself against the wall, widening her stance just a little as Loki looked up again for permission said everything that needed to be said. Tony found himself biting his lip as he watched Loki lean forward, gently open Pepper with two fingers and then swipe her with his tongue.

Pepper gave a full body shudder that had Tony wanting to reach out and touch her, but he didn't dare let go of the wall yet.

Contrary to popular belief, Tony did not watch a lot of porn. Once upon a time he had, when much younger, but not anymore; he preferred the real thing. When he had been a porn aficionado he hadn't really been overly impressed with men going down on women; it had bored him. He liked doing it, he had just never liked watching it.

This was completely different.

The sight of the drops of the water running down on Loki's back, mixed with the sound of the small sighs and gasps coming from Pepper were intoxicating. Tony couldn't even see that much of the intimate act; just Loki's head moving and Pepper reacting and yet it was so incredibly erotic.

Eventually he couldn't take it anymore and he finally moved. The moment he touched Pepper she moaned and opened her eyes and he could all but feel the heat. There was no danger of overload anymore, but Pepper's eyes were red at the centre.

"Mind if I join in?" he asked as Loki looked up at him as well.

"Please do," Loki replied and Tony carefully eased himself between Pepper and the wall, urging her round a little so there was room.

Pepper leant against him, her back plastered to his front and he wound his arms around her body, gently caressing one breast. As she put her head back beside his, Loki smiled up at both of them and moved back in. Pepper's legs were further spread this time, giving Loki even better access and the way Pepper moaned told Tony, the demi-god was making good use of the space.

His cock was already hardening again (something he was actually surprised at since he wasn't twenty anymore, but was also not arguing about) where it was laying against Pepper's butt and he kissed her neck while carefully teasing first one nipple then the other with his fingers. It was something he knew Pepper liked and he wanted to make sure she had the very best experience he and Loki could manage. Since Loki was clearly doing his part, Tony was not about to fail in his.

He could feel Pepper trembling. That was a good sign, a very good sign, because it meant she was close. Tony had made it his business to learn everything he could about Pepper in their time as a couple; he'd made the mistake of forgetting so many times before and he didn't intend to do it ever again. The ways Pepper reacted when she was touched were some of his most cherished stored facts. They were also some of the most useful.

Lifting one hand, he gently canted her head to one side, stroking with light fingers along her jaw as he nibbled along the shell of her ear. Pepper loved to be caressed and it had taken long hours of patience to find out her favourite spots. In this Tony could be almost totally focused; only that little bit at the back of his brain was doing anything else.

Pepper's trembling was becoming uneven now and he smiled against the side of her neck; he could tell she was right on the edge.

"You are so very beautiful," he whispered quietly and that did it.

The trembling became an all out shudder and Pepper gasped, gripping his hip with one hand almost so hard it was painful. The way she writhed against his cock had his eyes rolling back into his head for a moment and he moaned into her shoulder as she continued to come. There was no way in hell he deserved these moments of beauty and sensual passion, but he was far too selfish to ever let them go and he held Pepper gently as she rode out her orgasm. Loki didn't stop what he was doing either, continuing to drive Pepper on until she whimpered and tried to draw back.

"Oh god," Tony said as his cock was very firmly trapped between their bodies.

"Yes?" Loki responded, coming to his feet in what could have been one thoroughly annoying, graceful movement.

However, the superior smirk Loki was trying to keep in place was twitching into a real smile and Tony suddenly understood why Loki didn't make a habit of bedding everyone in Asgard. Loki's guard was at least partially down; it was as clear as day, and Loki hadn't even been the one coming.

"I could get used to this," Pepper said and reached out, pulling Loki towards her and kissing him very passionately.

This time the way she pushed back against him had Tony thinking it was one hundred percent deliberate and he wasn't about to complain.

"Shall we take this somewhere more comfortable?" he asked, because his head was now full of vivid mental images and a shower cubicle, no matter how big, was restricting to trying them out.

By mutual agreement they finished washing off and then climbed out into the bathroom as JARVIS shut off the water. However, Tony never had a chance to reach for a towel. Loki waved his hand, his eyes flashed green and Tony shivered from head to foot. It was only as the shiver passed that he realised he was completely dry.

"Neat trick," he said, grinning, "must be useful when it rains."

"Thor always seemed to find mud when it rained," Loki replied; "it is less useful then, although somewhat amusing. His armour once completely seized."

The mental image of Thor covered in dried mud all but rigid was undeniably funny so Tony laughed. He would have paid money to see it for real.

"Don't suppose you have a picture of that in the family album?" he asked hopefully.

"Not precisely, but I should be able to recreate the moment visually when we are not so busy," Loki replied.

"Oh hell yes," Tony said.

From the look of things the spell hadn't just dried either, it had styled as well because Pepper's hair was arranged exactly the way she had had it before the shower and Loki's long hair was dry, clean and pulled back in a braid.

"Bedroom," Pepper said and then gave him a great view by walking towards the door.

He let Loki follow first and was rewarded by another fantastic view, at which point he decided to catch up before he missed anything.

"Okay, awkward conversation number two," he said as he followed Pepper and Loki into the other room; "I think I know the answer to this, but I'm going to ask just in case. Loki have you ever had sex with a man?"

"Yes," Loki replied, "more than once."

"Cool, do you prefer pitching or catching?"

"I have never trusted another man enough to catch," Loki said, without trying to pretend the language was confusing.

Those were the answers Tony had been expecting and he was perfectly okay with that.

"However," Loki continued as Tony opened his mouth to respond, "I would not be averse to trying something new."

That was a surprise and Tony had to rearrange his mental map a little. He gave Loki a nod, because that statement definitely deserved an acknowledgement, but he didn't want to embarrass the other man by actually talking about it further right that moment. He was pretty sure that from Loki something along those lines was the ultimate compliment.

"And, Pep, what are you in the mood for?" he asked before he could say something stupid and wreck the whole moment.

Walking over to the side of the bed, Pepper sat down and then looked back at both of them with a smile.

"I think I mentioned how much I enjoyed watching you two in the shower," she said, "and I'm feeling so very relaxed at the moment. Why don't you start?"

The little smile on her lips and the way she stretched her long legs onto the bed had him biting his tongue in anticipation. If Pepper wanted a performance, a performance she would have.

He glanced over at Loki and lifted his eyebrows and Loki twitched an eyebrow back; Tony took that as an okay. He was pretty good at speaking Loki after the mind meld and then two weeks to figure out what was correct and what was just his brain filling in gaps he hadn't known were there.

"What would you like to try first?" he asked, stepping into Loki's personal space.

"What are your views on foreplay?" Loki asked.

"Always fun, sometimes necessary, sometimes not," he replied with a grin.

"Would you mind if this time it was not?"

"Given what we've just been doing, hell no," he said.

Loki did the whole handwavy, glowy eye thing again.

"Then I believe I would like to feel you inside me as quickly as possible," Loki said, which sent all sorts of messages straight to Tony's cock.

"Well you'll need some prep," Tony replied; "no skipping that part between guys."

"That is what I just did."

"What even the stretching, because there I'm not down with hurting people?"

"All of it," Loki assured him.

The idea that Loki had just prepped himself for Tony with a spell was surprisingly arousing and Tony felt slightly weak at the knees. He had had no idea that could be a kink.

"Lube?" he asked.

"Taken care of."

"Okay," he said, "then I'm all yours. How do you want to start?"

Loki didn't reply and simply climbed onto the bed on his hands and knees. Tony could so work with that and followed Loki's lead.

He could barely believe what was on offer. It wasn't often he had to mentally take a step back and pinch himself and the last time had been when Pepper finally said yes, but he was having one of those moments right that second. Loki was right there, ass in the air, legs spread, offering him something Loki hadn't offered to anyone else and for a second he doubted his right to take it. It didn't last long, after all he had the biggest ego in the room, but for a moment he hesitated.

The spell Loki had used was good. As Tony pushed in he slid into tight heat, but there was no tense resistance.

"Oh god," he said, enjoying the slick warmth even as the back of his mind wondered what it would be like if Loki used the spell on him.

He couldn't help it, even as most of his brain focused and the very real, very intense sensations of the present, the rest had to speculate.

"You okay, Snow White?" he asked.

Loki kind of hummed in return, a low rumbling sound that Tony felt as well as heard. It almost sounded like a yes, but it also had a 'oh my god what is happening' quality that he had experienced himself on occasion when trying new things. He could only imagine how weird it could be finding new experiences after being alive nearly a millennium.

"I think that was a yes," he said, running his hands soothingly over Loki's back, "but, sorry, gonna have to get a definite from you before I carry on."

"Yes," Loki said in a very tight tone.

"Okay," he replied, "just let me know if anything's too much."

Loki hummed again, but this time Tony took it as agreement. He glanced over at Pepper who smiled at him approvingly. Holding Loki's hips he carefully pulled out a short way and slowly pushed back in. His eyes fluttered closed as the wonderful sensations that sent around his body. Some people would have thought him too egocentric to recognise what a privilege he was being given, just how much trust was being shown, but he wasn't and it meant a great deal. For Tony there were two types of sexual encounter; those that meant something and those that were just some fun. This one meant something and that made it all the sweeter.

He knew he was good at sex and that wasn't just ego talking. He knew, because he had made sure to learn how to be good at sex. Asgardians or Aesir as Loki had not so patiently explained to him seemed to be put together pretty much like humans. Bigger, stronger, denser and with incredible longevity, but anatomically almost the same, so Tony had hopes he knew exactly what he was doing.

After a couple more slow thrusts he started to feel Loki relaxing into the whole thing more and so he changed his angle. A very appreciative moan was his reward.

"There," Loki said, tone just oozing sex, "again."

"Your wish is my command," Tony replied, perfectly happy to play to a toppy bottom if that's how Loki wanted it.

It was good, in fact it was more than good as far as Tony was concerned and the noises coming from Loki suggested it was a-okay for him as well. However, as much as Tony was enjoying the view of pert ass and smooth, wide shouldered back as he moved in and out of Loki's perfect body, he wanted more. Loki was a very guarded individual and Tony wanted to savour every opportunity to see that guard come down.

Waiting until he was sure he had Loki well in the zone, then he pulled out. It was probably unfair, but he liked to play his advantages.

"Why did you stop?" Loki asked and there was just the slightest touch of a whine in the demi-god's tone.

"Because I want to see your face," he replied, giving Loki's ass a good squeeze. "If you would be kind enough to turn over I'll be more than happy to continue."

For a second Loki hesitated, but then did as he was asked. It took a little rearranging, but shortly Loki was spread on the bed with him between those long, lean legs. Loki looked slightly less sure about being on his back for a definition of unsure that was a vague tightness around his eyes, but Tony could see the signs. There was something decidedly more intimate about face to face, so Tony got the issue, but he wanted to see Loki come apart.

"Still okay?" he asked, just to make sure; he had no intention of being an asshole if this made Loki too uncomfortable.

A nod came back.

"Thank god," he said, "because you're irresistible and I might have had to go throw myself off the balcony if you'd said no."

All that pale flesh just begging to be touched had his complete concentration.

"That would have been most regrettable," Loki replied; "I would have missed your constant prattle."

"Oh really, is that all?" Tony said and took that for the challenge it was.

In short order he lifted Loki's legs and pushed back in. Loki almost managed to totally muffle his response, but there was a gratifying instant of sound.

"I think," Pepper entered the conversation and Tony realised she had moved from her position at the edge of the bed, "you two are trying to make this a competition."

She ran a hand down over Loki's chest, dallying around his midriff and dancing her fingers a little lower.

"But," she added, "it should be about enjoyment."

Tony suspected what she was about to do, but that didn't stop him making a rather inarticulate sound as Loki tightened around him when Pepper reached out and wrapped her fingers around Loki's cock. It made an interesting chorus with the noise Loki made at the same time.

"Now," she said, just running her thumb over the head of Loki's cock, but which in turn make Loki's insides twitch and caused yet more pressure on Tony's dick, "which of you is going to come first?"

Frankly Tony didn't care if the game was to come first and win or hold out and win, he had to move. The delicious pressure as he pulled out and then slid back in was what he desperately needed as Loki's movements heightened his arousal, so he gave in and did it. Pepper was right, this was about enjoyment. He was damn well enjoying himself and he wanted Loki to enjoy it just as much. It took him a few strokes, but he soon found Loki's sweet spot again and then all bets were off.

With Pepper working Loki's cock and Tony working Loki's ass there really wasn't any doubt who was going to get off first. It was only fair really, because Tony had already had one earth shattering orgasm. He didn't intend to come again for a fair while or he would be out of the game in ways he did not wish to be out of the game until he recovered. It wasn't as if there weren't other things he could do once his dick was limp, but he had plans. One speedy recovery was not something he was taking for granted and he made a mental note to take a closer look at vampire bites and revival time at some point.

The way Pepper's fingers were moving over Loki's cock made Tony's own cock pulse with arousal and he was damn sure he wanted to see Loki come in a big way. The problem was Loki was trying to keep control; it was obvious and that was no fun.

"You're ours," he said staring directly into Loki's eyes, "for right here, right now, you're ours, Loki and we're going to take you apart and put you back together. Then we'll let you do the same to us. Let go, Lover and be all ours."

Loki made a small almost incoherent sound. It wasn't much, but Tony saw more of Loki's mental armour dropping away. He pushed on and Pepper lowered her head, kissing over Loki's chest as she worked Loki's cock with her hand.

"Please," Loki asked, voice tight.

"What do you need?" Tony asked.

"More," was the insistent response.

It was an easy request. Tony upped his pace and Pepper did something that made Loki arch into her touch. There was a distinct possibility that with the strength differential what Tony had been doing was far too gentle for Loki's taste because at the increase in intensity Loki began to respond significantly. Of course it could have also been that Loki was finally letting go.

When he finally got to see Loki come apart it was as magnificent as Tony had hoped. There was something so open and so free about Loki's expression for those few seconds as the demi-god bucked under their ministrations and Tony soaked it all in. He had glimpsed beneath the mask when their minds had touched and now he was seeing some of those layers for real. It was satisfying on more than just the physical level.

"Holy fuck," he said, collapsing on the bed beside Pepper to get his breath back.

Loki was just lying there with his eyes closed looking the most relaxed Tony had ever seen the demi-god, which included unconscious. Tony laced his fingers with Pepper's as he watched Loki slowly rebuild a semblance of control until finally Loki opened his eyes and looked at them both.

"Thank you," Loki said and Tony could already see walls going back up.

"Oh, wait until Pepper has had her way with you," Tony said, before those barriers could click into place. "I didn't know what hit me the first time."

Loki looked interested, Pepper just smiled and Tony wondered if he could get someone to deliver an energy shake without interrupting what they were up to. He was looking forward to finding out just what demi-gods knew about sex.


Tony woke up from the best night's sleep he had had in, well possibly years. Yawning, he moved and felt everything he had been doing the previous evening written in the aches and strains in his body and smiled broadly. That had been the best night of sex he had ever had and he was Tony Stark; that was like saying Da Vinci had out done the Mona Lisa.

He was facing away from the rest of the bed and one of Pepper's legs was laced between his, so he extracted himself carefully and rolled over. Loki sitting up against the headboard, carding his fingers gently through Pepper's hair was not quite what he expected to find. There was something of a wistful expression on Loki's face.

"Morning," he said quietly so as not to wake Pepper.

"Good morning, Tony," Loki replied and gave him something of a sad little smile. "I thank you most gratefully for allowing me this. I have not felt so at peace in several centuries."

And wasn't that a loaded admission.

"Our pleasure," Tony said, wondering where Loki's melancholy was coming from.

"I will leave now, if you wish," Loki said and Tony caught up.

"Well no, on two counts," he replied instantly. "First of all, this is your room and second, what the hell for? This wasn't some great sacrifice and we enjoyed you as much as you enjoyed us. Why would we want you to leave?"

"You are committed," Loki said, "surely, now that I am recovered, you would not wish..?"

"You were recovered after the first bite," Tony interrupted and pointed out what Loki was apparently missing; "if this had been all about that we'd have stopped then. I'm not going to pretend I know where this is going; just ask Pep, I suck at these things, but you definitely, one hundred percent, totally do not have to leave."

Tony was quite proud of himself; that hadn't sounded corny once.

"What time is it?" Pepper asked and sleepily peered at him from where her head was up against Loki's hip.

"The time is 4:11 and twenty two seconds, Ma'am," JARVIS replied.

"Thanks JARVIS," Tony said, pleased with his AI.

"Not at all, Sir," JAVIS replied.

"Too early," Pepper said, closing her eyes again. "Go back to sleep."

Tony looked at Loki and Tony decided neither of them was in the mood to argue.


They were late for breakfast because when Pepper woke up she mentioned having a shower and that lead to all of them having a shower, at the same time, which led to other things, but they did eventually make it to the communal kitchen. Loki seemed much more at ease, clearly their early morning discussion had had the desired effect, and Pepper seemed perfectly happy, so Tony was happy as well.

"Brother, you are recovered?" Tony heard Thor ask as Loki walked in first.

"Completely," Loki replied.

"There's food keeping warm in the oven," Steve said, just as Tony entered the room and he sent up a mental thank you to the deities on high that they had Steve in the tower.

Sometimes Tony went with his shakes for breakfast, but he was in the mood for something much more substantial. In fact he was ravenous.

"Thanks, Cap," he said, "I could eat a ravenous bugblatter beast of Traal."

"I do not believe I have heard of one of those," Thor said as Tony made a beeline for the coffee and food. "What is this beast of which you speak?"

"It is an incredibly stupid creature from which a Vogon would not save his grandmother without orders signed in triplicate," Loki said without missing a beat.

Tony looked round at that, surprised and Loki just smiled.

"Your brain is full of the most random information," was all Loki replied and promptly stole Thor's last pop tart, which was, unsurprisingly, a chocolate one.

"Vogon?" Thor was looking confused.

"They are both from a book," Pepper intervened before Tony and Loki could get Thor believing anything fun; "they're fictional."

"Ah," Thor said, nodding and Tony thought the blond god might have been putting on the misunderstanding, just a little.

It was all very cosy and kind of nice and it had Tony looking round for the alien attack or the gas grenades, because it was never that calm in the tower.

Bruce insisted on running scans on all of them first thing after breakfast, but they were all in perfect health, so they escaped pretty quickly. In fact Bruce had said Tony was in better shape than he'd been the week before; who knew vampire sex was actually good for him. He all but bounced into his workshop ready to just tinker with his latest suit.

His metabolism was acting like he was thirty again, he had a super girlfriend and a godly boyfriend, what was not great about that? Which of course was the thought that brought his whole brain to a halt. He was getting ahead of himself, way ahead, but then he had always been ahead of the curve.

Loki was still a wild card and Tony knew getting comfortable with the idea of the demi-god in his life was probably a recipe for disaster, but it felt right. He'd spent his life going with what felt right even when it was dangerous.

"JARV, do you think this could work?" he asked as he picked up the glove he had been working on.

"To what are you referring, Sir?" JARVIS enquired.

"Me, Pep and Loki."

"I'm afraid I have little experience with relationships, Sir," JARVIS replied. "However, that being said, within my frame of reference, the arrangement has potential."

Tony smile; he could work with potential.

"I will also add, Sir," JARVIS told him; "Miss Potts is currently smiling in a similar manner to you while at her desk and the younger Mr Odinson is mercilessly beating the older Mr Odinson on the games console in their main room, but his smile does not seem totally appropriate for simple bloody victory."

Tony grinned even more. He had no idea what he was really doing, but then he rarely did, all he was sure of was this was new and had at least thirty percent of his attention. For him that was huge. The present Loki had given him had another ten percent and the rest was everything else he had on the go. What would come next was a question he had no answer to, but he was looking forward to figuring it out.

The End

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