Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

They won't even let me keep the abuse claim open ...

This was the latest:
We have already explained our policies on harassment, which can also be found at In the absence of specific, real-world identifying information or a court order stating that the material in question is defamatory, we can take no action in this case. While we understand your anger, we must follow the policies and procedures involved. As we believe we have adequately explained our policies in this situation, this request will now be closed, and you will receive no further response.

They're not even going to bother talking about it now. This BTW was from the manager of the abuse team. I wish I could say that we had a dialogue that gave me an indication they were evaluating the problem in a thoughtful and sensible manner, but I have no indication either way. Every reply has been impersonal and seems to be from the rule book. This one was even addressed to  'Dear user' - the least they could have done was use my lj name.

First I get a - we're not doing anything, then I complain, twice, and it goes quiet - then the problem seems to go away because the list is removed and they say so, only it isn't because it still exists in the comms it was posted to, when I point this out I receive the above. Disgusted does not quite cover it. Took me thrity seconds to find my full name and address using the information in my bio, but because the troll only used my lj name it's not harassment.

It wasn't as if this was a little dispute about fandom territory - this accused over 160 innocent people of a serious crime. Does anyone with a legal understanding know if their hands are tied or if this is just 'policy' over common sense?

[Edit: well at least I made a new friend or two - I was going to make a request of the comms to remove the posts, but after reading this response I've decided it might be best just to leave it.

I do understand LJ pov, I'm just thoroughly pissed off that someone can get away with this. I have always been a firm believer that policies are a guide to common sense, and it was obvious what this journal was set up for.]

P.S. I still have flu

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