Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Welcome to the Punch on Blu-ray and me moaning about my PC

Hmmm ... I managed to pre-order the Welcome to the Punch blu-ray on Amazon when they mistakenly put it up for £2.99 rather than the £14.99 it's up for now. Wonder it they'll honour it or make me reorder?

I've had a couple of issues with my PC lately in that it's old and decrepit and simply won't run some things because of hardware. For example it won't run the new windows virtual machine because my chip doesn't support something or other.

I was trying out Photoshop CS6 and wanted to play with the oil paint filter and it turns out my graphics card isn't supported so I can't. So I bought a new graphics card that is supported, which it seems my PC won't play with because it's BIOS has a bug and HP have stopped supporting it so it will never be fixed. This BIOS bug means it's actually amazing it works with my current video cards actually! I am not best pleased. It would be nice if I could just change the motherboard, but it's a really weird design and seems to be backwards to most other types so nothing will fit in the box. *pout*
Tags: fandom: welcome to the punch, info: general

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