Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Something I just have to get off my chest.


Saw this on Tumblr and do you know what my first thought was:
Shout out to all the people who don't think religion and science are incompatible.

I'm not even sure if the opposite is what the first poster meant, but it's the message I got.

I don't see how science and religion have irreconcilable differences. I think there is plenty of mystery left in the universe to include God and I don't believe the Bible is fact. I believe there are facts in it, but that most of the stories are metaphorical to teach us lessons not make us slavishly believe the world was really created in seven days etc. I actually think that it belittles the complexity and beauty of the Bible to think it is simply fact because some of those stories are put together with such exquisite detail.

(And please don't think I'm trying to rain on anyone's beliefs, I'm just pointing out what I believe and why because the Tumblr post narked me).

I also think the best theory of the universe at the moment is The Big Bang and that Darwin was really on to something. I don't believe we know everything yet and as further facts emerge I'm sure more theories will as well. This is the wonder of science.

I was brought up a Christian (for those who do not know, my father is a CofE Vicar) and a scientist (he's also an engineer and my mother was a dairy chemist). I have never had any problem with faith and science and it annoys me when I see things that seem to say I should.

I don't mind what religion you are or if you have none or simply don't know. If it makes you happy and you're not repressing anyone else, go for it.
Tags: info: religion, info: science

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