Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

'Write like the deadline is tomorrow' month :)

So I have cheerfully named this month 'Write like the deadline is tomorrow' month because I really need to get my head down and start typing.

I have three publications to finish this month, hopefully for staggered publication in June.

One is a novel which is 85% finished already. I just have the final touches to put to it before it goes into the editing process. Given that I don't write in a straight line, this means all the little bits I couldn't be arsed to write to begin with or the bits I just didn't know how to navigate. I actually love this bit. Just occasionally there are those wonderful moments where I've left a gap in the middle of a scene and all it actually takes is one sentence to make it perfect :).

They're rare, but I can hope for divine inspiration ;).

The other two are both novellas. One is 70% done, but the blasted thing keeps growing. I was aiming for just over 20K words, but it looks like it's going to be over 30K. At least my readers should be happy :).

The other isn't done at all. I know what it's about and have the first scene done, but that's it.

Hence, 'Write like the deadline is tomorrow'. I'm actually rather revved up, which is nice :D.

Also, have just discovered Chai tea - I love it. Hopefully it will help me get through all the writing. This entry was originally posted at
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