Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

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  • Wed, 15:13: That moment when you're writing away and you realise you have absolutely no idea what comes next... #emptybrain
  • Wed, 16:03: Why is it I can throw out 6K of story I'm not supposed to be writing in 3hrs, but two days to write 500wds on the one I need to finish? :P
  • Wed, 16:06: Brain - I order you to work! Okay, okay, let's go find chocolate first. ;)
  • Wed, 17:02: Soph brought over M&S mint choc whips (like walnut whips, but not) and OMG, they are amazing. Also, 5pm - fanfic time :D
  • Thu, 08:31: Tasha's Thinkings: V is for Vampire - Blogging from A to Z April Chal... #AtoZChallenge #fiction #free #shortstory
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