Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Asher and Jean-Claude

Okay, so the question I have to know the answer to is, are Jean-Claude and Asher, as Anita would put it 'doing the nasty'? We know that the three of them have a thing going on and Asher sleeps in Jean-Claude's bed, but are they having sex together without Anita?

Anita would definitely have 'dumped his ass' if Jean-Claude had slept with Asher before Cerulean Sins, and she's not comfortable with the idea by the end of it either. However in Incubus Dreams she sees them in the same bed as completely normal, but nothing leaps into my head to say specifically if they are or they aren't shagging like bunnies when Anita isn't around.

I may have just missed it, or managed to forget it, but I'm wondering. Are they a true menage a troi, or is Anita still the bridge between them? Opinions, facts and suppositions will be gratefully received :).

I've only just finished the bloody things and I feel that I have to go read them again already!
Tags: fandom: anita blake

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