Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Hmmm ...

I only have three blog posts left to write for the A to Z challenge, all the others are written, beta'd and scheduled, but I keep putting off writing the last three.

The one that I'm putting off the most is my T is for Tom Hiddleston post. This is not because I don't know what to write, or I don't want to write it, it's because I have to venture into my Avengers folder for piccies. It's so large windows basically refuses the thumbnail it and I need to sort it out so that I can see all the piccies. I do have some piccies of RDJ and the Chrises and Jeremy and Scarlet and Mark etc, but it's all Tom's fault.

I have too many piccies of Tom Hiddleston, this is a fact. :)

It's going to take hours to sort this directory because it will only show me about ten piccies at a time, if I'm lucky, and then it sits there contemplating its navel for a while. I know Tom is hot, but he's breaking my PC! ;)

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