Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

I realised I don't really give a damn about celebrity gossip when ... and Bubbles

So this morning I clicked on a link on Twitter (can we say procrastination) which was about celebrity Twitter spats. It was then I realised that I take little to no notice of most celebrity gossip or reality TV shows because I only recognised three people of those they were talking about.

I find I am not remotely upset about this :).

How can people be happy with their whole lives being spread across the media? What really gets me is that since half of them seem to have something to do with X-factor or big brother, they went for the madness deliberately. Not even a little bit of it was accidental. It boggles my mind.

Oh and saw a program on the science of bubbles last night - wow, it's quite amazing what they're doing with bubbles. Did you know they're working on a system for cleaning without hot water or detergent using bubbles and ultrasound. It's remarkable and that was only one thing. Then there was using bubbles to deliver drugs to specific places in the body, with accuracy and studying the climate. It was fascinating.
Tags: info: general

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