Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Right, Tumblr, I've been having a think.

Thanks to everyone who replied to my rant about Tumblr :)

Now I've seen people on Tumblr complaining about how it's difficult to communicate and they wish there was a place where they could do that, and I've seen people over here wishing that their friends from Tumblr would come over here so they could communicate.

This seems to indicate many people agree Tumblr is good for pics and vids and the odd bit of info thrown into the ether, but not a lot else and that not a lot of people know about LJ.

Anyone think trying to lure Tumblr users to LJ in an organised way might be a good idea?

I'm thinking a banner, a list of why LJ is great for things Tumblr isn't and stuff like that, while asking people to reblog. Also mentioning that LJ lets you share back with Tumblr really easily so you can still use it for everything too. The new dash looks enough like Tumblr to be familiar. The default account is free. It's really easy to sign up and you can link into all your other accounts like facebook and twitter.

Also a big problem when moving platform is lack of friends and contacts, so we could get together a list of all of us who might be interested and have a multi-fandom friending meme post at the same time so that people coming over instantly know they have friends here.

Could it work? Do you think anyone over there would be interested? Is anyone here actually interested in trying?

Something like this:
Tags: info: lj, info: tumblr

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