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The Weekend

Had a great weekend, but boy was it busy.

On Saturday Rob and I drove to Bristol to pick up our new car. Well, it's really Rob's new car since it's a manual and I only drive automatics (I am still very happy with my Honda CR-V that I pootle around in maybe once a month or so ::g::).

We are now a green car family, because the new one is also a Honda and is a CR-Z, which is their little hybrid. Rob did have a diesel Mito, but with the price of diesel going up so fast and the fact that he can get a better mpg out of the petrol hybrid and that the Mito was about to cost a lot of money in servicing and warranty extension, it made sense to change now.

He searched all around to find one at a decent price and I have to admit it is a very nice car. It's white and the first thing Rob did when we got home was clean it inside and out. The lovely people at Bristol Honda had cleaned it before we picked it up, but not to Rob's standards ;).

We started off at 7am on Sat morning and made it by about 10am to Bristol. Then we had the quickest car buy ever - took less then half an hour. We had some brunch, went to Toys R Us (I have more Avengers Lego :D) and then drove home. Took a little longer on the way back thanks to a stranded vehicle in the M25 roadworks near Clacket, but other than that a straight run.

Then yesterday it was Mothering Sunday, so we went to church then Soph, Rob and I made the lunch and gave Mummy presents :). We had a four bird roast, well most of us did, Mummy had a huge prawn salad because she much prefers things like that ::g::. It was a lovely day and Mummy loved it, so all is good :).

Today, however, I wish I could have another weekend to get over this one ;).

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