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Fic: One to the Other, Harry Potter/Avatar, Harry/Draco, Jake/Neytiri, PG13 1/?

There is only a question mark next to how many parts this will be because last time I posted without having completely finished a fic I cocked it up. I believe there will be two parts, since I'm halfway through the second now, but if it turns out to be too long there will be three, hence the question mark.

Title: One to the Other 1/?
Author: Beren
Fandom(s): Harry Potter/Avatar
Pairing: Harry/Draco, Jake/Neytiri
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc as well as James Cameron et Al. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings: canon character death
Summary: Jake knows he should be over Tommy's death, but ever since he became Na'vi he can't seem to shake the loss. If that isn't enough to deal with, he is trying to make sure 'the Sky People' don't just turn up and blast the crap out of Pandora from orbit and when a sealed lab is found at Hell's Gate containing two very strange Avatars things just become even more complicated.
Author's Notes: Written for heeroluva for help_haiti - yup, that's how long it's taken me to kick my backside into gear and get this finished. There are no excuses I can make, all I can do is apologise and actually post it. Dear heeroluva I really hope you like it. Thanks to Sophie for the beta.
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Chapter 1 Left Alive

Jake was no idiot, he knew that with the wealth under Pandora's soil, the Sky People (much to his chargrin he had found he had even started mentally referring to humans as that) would not stay gone forever and if a fleet came back the Na'vi didn't have a hope. The planet couldn't rise up against nuclear weapons from orbit. Hence Pandora's future lay in making sure it was more useful to Earth intact than blasted to pieces and mined out. So the scientists left behind were working on projects that could help Earth, communications were ongoing and the Na'vi were helping with everything.

So far it was working and Jake made sure he knew everything that was going on, which meant regular visits to Hell's Gate and meetings. He was sure Grace would have been proud of him; he was still doing science even though he really didn't understand what half of the mumbo jumbo was about.

They had another meeting in the morning about the latest big project, which was something to do with bio-engineering some of Pandora's flora to be compatible with Earth to help the atmospheric problems happening there due to pollution. Norm had tried to explain the details and Jake had just nodded in what he had hoped were the right places.

Tomorrow was going to be a long day and Jake sat looking into the trees as they glowed in the darkness. It was so beautiful it almost hurt, especially to Na'vi eyes and he found his mind wandering. Tommy would have found it amazing.

The pain that blossomed in his heart at that thought was still raw and it was like a knife in his chest. He had thought he had pushed it away, left it behind, but he realised starkly that it was very much not gone. It had been months since the banishment of the Sky People and he still felt Grace's loss, but he could think of her with only an ache, nothing like the same way he felt every time he thought of Tommy.

It was worse since he had become his Avatar.

"Something troubles you, My Mate," Neytiri said, walking up and sitting down beside him, leaning against him in a comforting gesture.

"I was thinking about before," he said, finding it as easy to talk to her as ever.

Once he would have hidden his pain, but the connection between the Na'vi, the connection between himself and Neytiri, would not allow it.

"Tell me," she said simply.

It was difficult to explain since he didn't really know what he was thinking himself, so he chose to start at what was the beginning.

"I had a brother," he said and found even that hard to say; "his name was Tommy and he was killed before he could come here. When we were younger we were never apart. He was always the brains, but he never left me behind, always explaining everything, but when we were teenagers our parents thought we were too close, that I was holding him back. They sent me to military school and Tommy to a school for genius kids."

"They separated you from your brother?" Neytiri sounded scandalised by the thought.

Jake just nodded.

"And by the time we came back together again we were different people," he said, feeling the regret more keenly than he had ever let himself feel it before. "He was always so much cleverer than me, but once we could talk, understand each other, when we met up again we couldn't even do that. I never spoke to our parents again for doing that to us."

Neytiri's fingers rubbed gently over his own as if she felt his pain.

"This body was not supposed to be mine, it was supposed to be his," he said, admitting what he had never told her. "He should have been seeing the wonders of Eywa, not me."

"The ways of destiny are often strange to us, Jake," Neytiri said gently; "we cannot always understand them."

"I'm just an accident of genetics," he replied, glaring off into the distance, angry that the universe had seen fit to take away his twin.

When he looked back, Neytiri clearly did not understand that, but she moved in closer anyway.

"I do not know what 'genetics' is, Jake," she told him, "but you are mine and I like that very much."

For a moment he just let himself enjoy the closeness, but his inner turmoil would not let him do it for long.

"Genetics is the understanding of what makes us," he said, even though he did not really feel like explaining; "it is what made this body possible, what makes what they're doing in the labs possible. The scientists took part of my brother and part of one of The People and created this form. It was dumb luck that because we were twins, after he was killed I could use the Avatar."

"Twins?" Neytiri asked, frowning at him a little. "I do not know this word either."

Jake tried to think, but he didn't know the Na'vi word either; thinking about it he didn't think he'd seen twins among the tribe.

"Um," he tried to think of a way to explain it; "we were the same," he started. "Tommy and I, we looked the same, we were born together; we were identical."

Neytiri's eyes went wide upon hearing that.

"Me'smuk," she whispered almost reverently.

It took Jake a moment to figure out that word, since he hadn't heard it before; roughly it meant dual siblings.

"That sounds about right," he said, not really understanding why his mate was now staring at him.

"Jake," Neytiri said slowly, "you are Awtirea?"

That didn't take him as long to figure out, 'one spirit' was something he had heard before. It sounded like something the Na'vi would think of with twins, but he didn't feel comfortable just saying yes.

"So you do have twins?" he asked, wanting to understand rather than replying. "I don't think I've seen any in the tribe."

At first he had had trouble telling the Na'vi apart, but that hadn't been a problem for a long time and he was sure he would have noticed twins.

"We do," Neytiri replied and placed her hand over his heart, "it is very rare. Such a birth brings great joy to all the tribes. The last was over a generation ago."

That at least explained the staring. If twin births were so rare it also explained why he hadn't seen any Na'vi twins running around. Given the hostile environment and the Na'vi way of life it made sense that multiple births would be even less common than among humans.

"I forgot how much he meant to me until he was gone," he admitted as Neytiri looked up again and into his eyes; "and even then I tried to forget him, but the pain won't go away."

"It is the shock to the spirit," Neytiri said, cupping the side of his face; "I see your pain, I feel it."

"I've lost him," he whispered, feeling the hurt so clearly it almost stopped him breathing, "and I don't know what to do."

Neytiri pulled him into an embrace.

"You cannot lose him, Jake," she said gently, stroking the side of his face and neck; "you are Awtirea."

A single tear ran down his cheek.

"He was not here," he said, feeling the loss like it had happened only yesterday, "he is not with Eywa."

Life was in balance here on Pandora; it was possible to see the cycling of the energy of the world, but Tommy had died on Earth, so far away it was impossible to comprehend in normal distances.

"But he is here, Jake," Neytiri said, pulling away and making him look at her by cupping his face with her hands; "he is with you."

Metaphysical logic did not help him; he had seen his twin turn to ash.

"I've lost him," he repeated, trying to explain how much it hurt.

"No, Jake," she told him, placing her forehead against his, "you cannot lose half of a whole. You are One Spirit; you were in two bodies, but you are One Spirit. He cannot leave you as you cannot leave him. Sometimes the call of Eywa is too strong and when one hears it, both must go, but if one survives then all the spirit survives. Tommy is still within you."

Jake didn't believe that, even after all he had seen, all he had felt, he could not believe it.

"If he was there, I would know," he said, unwilling to let go of his belief.

"Dying is hard, Jake," Neytiri said as she held him gently, "the spirit retreats."

Something tried to blossom inside the pain, something like hope, but Jake pushed it away. It would hurt too much to find out this was all some spiritual journey and nothing like his human mind thought.

"Come," Neytiri said, standing up and guiding him to his feet, "we must speak with Mo'at."

Jake did not want to speak about this; what he wanted was for the pain to go away, but when Neytiri looked at him with those big, expressive eyes, he allowed her to pull him along. The tribe was still rebuilding; they had chosen a new hometree and it was growing and changing rapidly under Mo'at's guidance and Eywa's power, but it was not yet ready for habitation. The only person living in it at the moment was Mo'at herself and she came out to meet them as they approached, as if she had known they were coming.

"I see you, My Daughter and JakeSully," Mo'at said, smiling kindly at them, "how may I help you?"

"Jake is Awtirea, My Mother," Neytiri said before Jake could even formulate a response, "and the body which held the other half of his soul died before he came to the people. He needs guidance."

Mo'at appeared shocked and came straight towards him, taking his face in her hands.

"My poor child," Mo'at said, looking straight into his eyes, "you must be in great pain. Come, you must tell me everything."

So Jake followed Mo'at into the hometree, Neytiri close behind and they sat, drank fruit juice and Jake explained everything about Tommy again. It hurt just as much the second time, but that little spark of hope which Neytiri's words had kindled refused to let him just walk away.

When he was done, Mo'at knelt up in front of him, placed a hand on his forehead and closed her eyes. He wasn't sure what he expected, but it definitely wasn't the flash of energy that leapt up through his body from where he was sitting on the ground to the point where Mo'at was touching him. It made him gasp as his vision vanished in a bright flash, only to reassert itself a second later as he blinked owlishly around.

Then, as Mo'at removed her hand he felt something else. If was much fainter, but so familiar it was like touching his own mind. It only lasted a moment, but his mind filled with Tommy before the feeling was gone again. He recognised the sensation, even though he had never before been consciously aware of anything like it with his twin, and when it disappeared it almost ripped his heart out.

"Tommy," he said, desperately searching for the feeling again, but it would not come.

He looked at Mo'at, frantic for more.

"It will take time," Mo'at told him gently, "but with the help of Eywa, he may be returned to you."

Now the real tears came because Jake might have been a hard-bitten marine, but Tommy made it an entirely different ball game.


Jake had barely slept, but there was an important meeting about the future of Pandora the next morning, so he had to pull himself together and deal with it.

Since Na'vi could tolerate human air for periods of time, although it did give them quite a high if they were in it too long, all the sit down meetings where humans were to be present were held inside Hell's Gate. It meant everyone could meet face to face without the need for breathing apparatus and, after banging his head a few times, Jake had remembered to keep ducking.

He felt off balance after his experiences of the previous night and he had done very little talking during the gathering. Luckily Norm had done enough talking for three, because the project was reaching a really exciting part, so only Neytiri seemed to notice. Of course, Norm wanted to drag him to see all the new developments once all the jabbering was over and all he wanted to do was return to the forest to think, but instead followed his friend.

It was on the way to the new hydroponics lab that Jake suddenly stopped walking. He wasn't sure why for a moment, but his instincts had fired and when he looked around he realised something.

"I don't remember that before," he said, looking at an old entry way that he was sure was not familiar.

It definitely hadn't been opened in a while and it wasn't exactly in what had been a well used part of the base before the new lab had been put in, but Jake had been past the point many times both before and since he became, for all intents and purposes, Na'vi.

"What?" Norm asked with a completely innocent expression.

"The door," Jake said and rolled his eyes; he wasn't in the mood for games.

"What door?" Norm asked and Jake had just about had enough.

The interior of the base made him claustrophobic, he had far too many things to think about to do with Tommy and the air was getting to him; the last thing he needed was Norm playing at tease the ex-marine.

"I do not see a door, Jake," Neytiri said and stopped him before he could tell Norm where to get off.

Jake looked at his mate in confusion; the door was right there. Either Neytiri was sharing a joke with Norm, something Jake had trouble imagining, or he was hallucinating.

"There," he said, pointing at it and Neytiri followed the line of his hand.

She frowned and then her eyes opened in shock.

"I see it," she said sounding very surprised, "but, Jake," she continued turning to him, "I did not see it before."

"What are you two talking about?" Norm asked and the scientist was looking at them as if they were both insane.

Without bothering to reply, Jake walked up to the door and touched the release mechanism. It felt as if electricity ran up his arm as he did, but the door popped open and the smell of stale air came out. Norm stood there with his mouth open.

"How the hell?" Norm said and looked honestly flabbergasted. "That was not there."

"Well it is now," Jake said, feeling more and more intrigued; at least he had something other than Tommy to think about now.

Never one to let anyone else walk into a situation he wasn't willing to risk, he ducked through the doorway and found some stairs going down. They wound into what seemed to be an underground lab that hadn't been aired out for some time. It was also like no lab Jake had seen upstairs.

Admittedly, he wasn't overly familiar with labs in general, but this one looked kind of strange. There was equipment like upstairs, but some of it didn't appear quite right and didn't look as if it was connected to any power supply he could see. The lights came up automatically as he stepped into the room, but they weren't normal either; they appeared to be five glowing orbs that looked as if they were just floating.

Jake felt a tingle in his feet similar to the blast of power that had ripped through him as Mo'at had touched him the previous evening. It was nowhere near as intense, but something was definitely setting him off.

However, his attention was quickly taken by the two gurneys in the middle of the room. They were covered in green cloth, but it was more than clear that there were bodies lying under the coverings. Given the layer of dust that was on things in the general area, he didn't think anyone had been in the lab for some time, but there was no smell of decay or anything like that.

"Dead?" Neytiri asked as she came to stand next to him.

"I don't know," he replied and couldn't help wondering if this was some type of robotics project that had been abandoned.

There were no signs than anything organic had decomposed and he could smell other things that meant it wasn't a sterile environment, so he couldn't think how what he was seeing could be actual bodies. It bothered him that the bodies were definitely the size of Na'vi, not human. He really hoped they weren't about to discover a dissection room.

"Wow," Norm said looking around; "this place is awesome and crazy at the same time."

Needing answers, Jake walked over to the nearest gurney and pulled back the sheet. He was definitely not expecting what he found. There on the gurney was not a human or a Na'vi, but an Avatar, given away by the mixed features, and it was the strangest one Jake had ever seen. Neytiri walked to the other gurney, but Jake was far too fascinated by what he was seeing to look over.

He had never heard of an Avatar or Na'vi with white blond hair before, at least not unless they were ancient and Na'vi hair tended to go blue grey, not white. It was fascinating and he reached out to touch before he thought about it. What he really did not expect was for the same feeling he had had at the door to run through his whole body this time and then the panels next to the gurney jump into life. The Avatar on the bench took a huge breath and the monitor started beeping.

"Shit, he's alive," he said, stepping forward to take a closer look.

Clearly the lab had not been as abandoned as it had appeared.

Since there was no one on Pandora that looked like the Avatar it was almost a sure bet there was no driver for him, but the Avatar was still fascinating to see. Why it was in the basement with no driver was anyone's guess; Avatars were far too expensive to waste.

"There is no human here who looks like this one," Neytiri said, coming to stand close to him.

The fact that humans looked like their Avatars was not something that had passed the Na'vi by, so his mate understood what she was talking about.

"Not that we know of," he agreed, but he couldn't help remembering how no one had seen the door before either.

Something very strange was going on and it became even stranger when the Avatar opened his eyes and blinked. Without a driver Avatars were inert; they definitely didn't open their eyes and they definitely didn't lift their hand and stare at it as if they weren't sure what they were looking at.

"Why in Merlin's name am I blue?" asked a very confused and aristocratic sounding voice.

Yellow eyes with silver streaks looked at him and Jake had no idea what to say.

"You're in an Avatar," Norm stepped in smoothly, "is this your first awakening?"

The unnamed Avatar looked at Norm as if the man had two heads or something.

"What is an Avatar?" the newly awakened stranger asked pointedly and sat up.

It was at this point that the Avatar swayed and almost fell off the gurney and Jake moved to help without thinking. He remembered the disorientation and he didn't want the newcomer to bash out the brain of his Avatar before answering a few questions.

"At the moment, you are," Jake said, helping the clearly confused man to sit up straight. "Do you remember where your real body is?"

All he got for that was a frown; it didn't look as if the blond knew what he was talking about. He went to try and explain, but before he had a chance the Avatar looked right and the strange hybrid eyes lighted on where Neytiri had dawn back the other sheet.

"Harry," the blond said in a panicked tone, a tone that Jake understood all too well since he had felt that way when Neytiri had been in danger.

He did not fight his charge as the man pushed past him and struggled to his feet, clearly disorientated, but determined to make it to the other gurney. Jake went with him more to help than to hinder.

"Oh god, Harry," the blond said and reached out, as if afraid to touch and then gasped when his fingers met the other's skin.

Jake felt something shift and then the other Avatar took a huge breath as well.

"Harry," the, as yet, unnamed stranger said, taking his companion's face in his hands and looking down.

When large eyes blinked up this time they were yellow tinted with green and Jake had never seen that colour on an Avatar or a Na'vi either. There was something very unusual about both of the Avatars in the hidden lab, that was for sure.

"Draco?" Harry said, sounding confused. "You're blue."

That made the finally named Draco laugh, a small hysterical little sound.

"So are you," was the short response and it sounded to Jake like this was a reunion neither had ever expected to have.

Draco lowered his forehead and touched it to Harry's and Jake couldn't help but think of times he had done the same to Neytiri. He could feel the relief in the pair; it was palpable.

"They are mated," was Neytiri's succinct conclusion as she stood just behind him, "and they believed each other lost."

He couldn't disagree; it was exactly what he had been thinking. The idea of loss tried to bring Tommy back to the forefront of his mind, but he pushed those thoughts away ruthlessly. They would have to wait.

"What's happening, Draco?" Harry asked, still obviously disorientated.

"I think they," Jake found himself the centre of attention of two pairs of eyes, "can tell us."

Jake held out the forgotten sheet to Draco, who only then seemed to realise he was naked. The blond accepted it quickly and wrapped it around his waist.

"You really have no idea what's going on, do you?" Jake said, knowing that what he was seeing was not an act.

"Not a clue," Draco said in an almost challenging way while helping his companion sit up. "Care to enlighten us?"

That was difficult since Jake wasn't really sure.

"What's the last thing you remember?" he asked, wanting to find some common ground.

"Dying," was the very blunt response.

That wasn't really what he had expected to hear.

"We were in St Mungo's," Harry said, placing a calming hand on Draco's arm in what looked like a familiar gesture; "we had been in a battle. Draco had been hit with something very nasty."

"And because you were a stubborn idiot and would not let the bond go I was taking you with me," Draco said, seemingly very distressed by the thought.

For a moment Jake was pretty sure the pair forgot the rest of them were there with the way they looked at each other.

"I didn't want to go on without you," Harry said very quietly and then looked back across the room; "I think the healers put us in some sort of stasis. Is this the result?"

Jake looked at Norm; he had no idea what was going on.

"We're not sure," Norm said hesitantly; "we only just found you ourselves. You were hidden behind a door that wasn't there; weirdest thing I've ever seen."

"Muggles," Draco said as if that meant something.

"What's the year?" Jake asked on instinct.

The pair looked at each other.

"2008," Harry said after a moment.

"Holy shit," was Jake's instant response.

This was getting more unbelievable by the second.

"I'm guessing we're a little off?" Draco said in a rather cutting tone.

"It's 2155," Norm said as if apologising for the fact.

"And you're in the Alpha Centauri system on a moon called Pandora," Jake added and looked for a reaction.

Both Draco and Harry appeared stunned.

"Which would be the reason we are blue?" Harry asked, sounding more than a little dazed.

"Your bodies are hybrids," Jake decided to give them Avatar 101; "made from your DNA and that of the Na'vi. The Na'vi are the native people here on Pandora. Your real bodies must be around somewhere in transfer pods allowing you to control the Avatars. They must have kept you in stasis all this time."

He paused.

"There's just one thing I don't get," he added after a moment. "I'm no history buff, but I didn't think they had the technology in the twenty first century to preserve anyone like that, hell, we can't do it that well today."

The pair shared another glance.

"We were involved in very secret government work," Draco said and Jake believed the secret part, he just wasn't sure about the government bit.

There was something going on that the pair weren't saying, but he wasn't sure it was the time to demand answers.

"Are you like us?" Harry asked and drew his attention. "Are you an Avatar?"

"I was," he said as Neytiri stepped up close beside him and placed a possessive hand on his arm as if to remind him of the current reality, "but I chose to become this way permanently. My human body is gone now."

"Jake," Neytiri said, "we should go outside; this air is not good for clear thinking."

Jake could only nod; he was beginning to feel the effects and they definitely needed clear heads for this.

End of Part 1

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