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Blue Moon

Finished Blue Moon on Friday. I really like this book (even if there is virtually no Jean-Claude).

My two favourite scenes are:

The rotting scene where Asher brings Nathaniel back to the cabin, and then Asher and Damian heal him and then Anita heals Damian. Anita desperation to save Nathaniel and then Damian is so very powerful, and the fact that it starts the ball rolling for the downfall of Colin is wonderful.

My second favourite scene is when the wereleopards are trying to work out what they are to Anita and vice versa. The pard facinates me and it is very interesting to see the relationship developing.

What do these two scenes have in common? Nathaniel! Do we per chance see a pattern emerging? :)

Jason is fabulous through out this book. The whole conversation about being bisexual was just a slasher's dream. My third favourite bit is the shower scene where Anita helps him clean off all the goo from the rotting vampires. That is probably one of the most touching scenes in all the books I have read so far. Very powerful emotions moving through that one.

Asher - I like his character, but he has not taken up residence in my head yet. When I read about him he does not leap into my thoughts like some of the others do. I have a clear mental picture of Anita, Richard, Jean-Claude, Nathaniel, Damian, Zane and even Cherry, but not Asher yet. I think I had a better picture of him in BO, but he's changed and isn't there at the moment. I'm thinking this will change in later books.

Richard - is still a dick, even when he's being nice he's an arogant SOB. I can see where he's coming from in BM, but I still want to slap him. I really do think that if he was outed he would be a much more effective character.

Anita also needs to get over herself somewhat. She really can be a selfish whatsit at times, and for once in her life she's forced to listen to other people. If she wasn't such a control freak she'd do much better in some situations. There are times to be in control and times where it isn't necessary, and if she can figure out the difference between the two she'll have a lot less stress ::g::.

The incidentals were good in this one as well. Verne and Roxanne were very interesting (loved the confrontation between Anita and Roxanne and the real reason for it). The local vampires were also a facinating dynamic, although I thought they were underplayed towards the end. Nikki could have been a worthy adversary, but I felt she was underused as the human servant. I think her death should have been harder.

This book is where sex starts becoming important, and I thought it was done rather well. The fact that Richard and Anita really needed to get the whole sleeping together thing out of their system was obvious, and it was such a relief when they did. Richard really should learn to keep his trap shut though. I know the status quo does not last, but it was nice to see for a little while.

Only had a chance to read a couple of chapters of Narcissus in Chains over the weekend, but I'm enjoying it so far.
Tags: fandom: anita blake

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