Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Original Fic: 50 Minutes of Voluptuous Vehicles - A Parody

Title: 50 Minutes of Voluptuous Vehicles - A Parody
Author: Tasha (beren_writes)
Rating: If you're totally innocent PG13, if you have a dirty mind like me R ;)
Warnings: dodgy innuendos
Author's notes: This is Rob's fault, well and Top Gear's - they should not let Richard Hammond read a book called Tremendous Tractors in the style of 50 Shades of Grey. Things like this happen when they do because my husband gives me challenges and who can resist crayon illustrations? P.S. this is hosted on my Blogger blog :). I do hope it makes people smile.
Summary: Ricky lived in a nice house on a nice farm and drove a four by four that no muddy puddle could stop. However, his pride and joy was his tremendous tractor...
Link: 50 Minutes of Voluptuous Vehicles - A Parody

Tags: fandom: top gear, type: fiction, type: humour

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