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Too Pretty not to post - Yohio

Picked this up from reddwarf75 (thank you so much for posting those vids).
This is Yohio - a very pretty jrocker from Sweden. He's through to the final of the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest competition.
(Here's one bio for him

He also has other songs out there (wow does he sound like Gackt some times and can he play the guitar):

Our Story (English)

Sky * Limit (Japanese)
it won't embed so here is the URL

And he's part of a band called Seremedy (
This song is called No Escape and it a little harder than his solo stuff. He's also the backing singer and guitarist not the lead vocal. Warning, the video might be triggery for some; it has blood and suffocation in it.

Apparently there's also a Japanese version of the song: (put over the same PV as above)

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