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New Title: Out of the Frying Pan by Tasha D-Drake

Sorry this wasn't up yesterday, for some reason Amazon told me I had successfully published, but it was only showing up on the US site for hours. Everything seems to be up and running this morning though.

I actually wrote this one last year as a commission at and it came out of it's 60 exclusivity period on 24th Dec, but, truth be told, I totally forgot about it until now :). My commissioner asked for modern setting, male/male, a vampire and a human in a situation bringing them together with conflict from one or both that meant they really didn't want an entanglement. This short story is what I came up with.

Please be aware it has mature content.

Title: Out of the Frying Pan
Author: Tasha D-Drake
Price: US $0.99, UK £0.77, EUR0.89

Dan works his magic with food as a new up and coming chef, what he does not need is his restaurant being destroyed by an explosion and ending up trapped with the UK's hottest food critic in what's left of his kitchen. When vampirism enters the equation it makes things a whole lot worse.

Our main site's running a little slow this morning (I assume Dreamhost are up to something) so here are some direct links in case it fails to load.
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