Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Birthdays 21st Jan - 3rd Feb 2013

I'm late again, sorry.

Happy Birthday to:

roxyroller121, son_of_darkness, swtjemz, eclipse_n2_lust for the 21st
bassician, girlfrom711, crazyrodent, misskittye, velvetdiamond for the 22nd
mirokuslady, sparemint for the 23rd
noneeca, cherrycigars, kiakaha, stitchy for the 24th
klo_the_hobbit, mandragora1/[personal profile] mandragora, matrix_hack for the 25th
sm_malfoys, meaikoh, jellypencil, peachdancer82 for the 26th
[personal profile] starr_falling for the 27th
separatrix, ihlanya, litian, sherdelune for the 28th
xyverz, krichardson/[personal profile] krichardson, meeshy/[personal profile] meesh for the 29th
phenix_tears, chriseis for the 30th
mhalachaiswords, snugglemint for the 31st
kaylafic for the 1st
shikishi, kittyfisher for the 2nd
demi_de_melee/[personal profile] demi_de_melee, amythystluna for the 3rd

Many Happy Returns of the day to you all.

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