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  • Wed, 12:05: Yay! RT @denofgeek: Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot is now filming
  • Wed, 12:08: RT @wittegenpress: No-one else would notice, but Alfred saw the sun disc directly behind the throne glitter just once. ...
  • Wed, 13:50: LOL - that moment on a LJ friending meme when you realise you seem to really gel with a person's entry because you're already friends - doh!
  • Wed, 13:52: And saying that, enough time procrastinating, must get back to work :)
  • Wed, 15:06: RT @wittegenpress: "Mum, why do we have a family dildo? Most people have jewellery or china. What's it made of anyway?" #GGS - http://t. ...
  • Wed, 16:35: Am making pulled pork sliders tonight for the first time - should be interesting at least :)
  • Wed, 16:58: RT @wittegenpress: A New Path, Cont Fantasy, Damon and Zac are now a team in The Hidden War, joined by magic and affection... #GGBYT htt ...
  • Wed, 17:03: Shame didn't have any cider vinegar so had to use cider and some white vinegar. Now I have most of a bottle of cider I just have to drink ;)
  • Wed, 17:08: Have spent most of the afternoon implementing the work around for Mobipocket creator since I now have Win8 and can't go back to IE8.
  • Wed, 22:25: RT @wittegenpress: Possibly Tigger was sulking about being declared dead before his time; Jo wouldn't have put it past him... http://t.c ...
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