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Burnt Offerings

First post on my AB filter ::g::.

I read Burnt Offerings last night - what a wonderful book. I'm afraid I cheated because I haven't read the ones between Lunatic Cafe and BO yet, but I decided I could not wait to see Nathaniel and Asher. Both of them aren't in it that much, but even with so little input I love them already.

Richard's being somewhat of a dick isn't he. I can understand being upset that Anita ran away from him, but he really needs to get over his whole 'I hate myself' thing or he's going to be a shit Ulfric. From what I've seen of him in this book the sooner someone outs him and he learns to accept who and what he is, the better! I may of course change my opinion as I read the subsequent books.

Jean-Claude - ooh, now there's a honey. I'm greatly looking forward to reading more about him. There's such a difference between LC and BO that I look forward to reading the transition eventually - but I need to know the current situation, as if were, before I delve into the books I have skipped. I'm strange like that - it doesn't really bother me what order I receive information, as long as I have it all eventually.

Zane - I like him. He really doesn't have much of a clue, but I like him.

Jason - ooh, loved Jason in this one. The whole scene with the council was just so enthralling.

I really enjoyed every page of this book, and even though I'd read a synopsis so I thought I knew what was going to happen, it was entirely different to what I imagined. A very rich book. Nasty in places, but ultimately very satisfying.
Tags: fandom: anita blake

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