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  • Tue, 12:58: Saw Vampire Nation (aka True Bloodthirst) with Andrew Lee Potts last night on SyFy UK - really enjoyed it :)
  • Tue, 13:05: Opps, spelt it wrong, it's Vampyre Nation - now when's the DVD coming out? Yes I have a weakness for vampire movies. :P
  • Tue, 13:13: RT @bbcdoctorwho: In light of more impersonators we can confirm Matt Smith & Jenna-Louise Coleman DO NOT have Twitter accounts. Don’ ...
  • Tue, 13:52: RT @wittegenpress: God of Love M/M,Fantasy Dran has been waiting all his life to be claimed by his god and his dreams are coming true #G ...
  • Tue, 14:16: For your chance to win a #Kindle Fire HD from Interdean_ enter here! :D
  • Tue, 15:04: RT @wittegenpress: "I am everything you fear in the dark," Frederik whispered in his ear; "everything all humans fear." ... #GGS http:// ...
  • Tue, 16:54: RT @wittegenpress: The Vampire Who Loved Me, Jack, a spy, wakes up twenty years after he went to sleep with a thirst for blood. Vamp htt ...
  • Tue, 23:10: RT @wittegenpress: The Crosses We Bear, Shitty hotel, shitty team bonding weekend, and horror when Lyle removes the cross from his room. ...
  • Wed, 00:24: RT @wittegenpress: #GGBYT Well, well, well," Neil said and Anna immediately turned to look at him. "Oh no," she said, "I saw him first." ...
  • Wed, 03:26: RT @wittegenpress: He wasn't supposed to know about relations between people, after all he was the virginal sacrifice to his god... #GGR ...
  • Wed, 05:11: RT @wittegenpress: All That Glitters (M/M, Romance) Simon is drunk and being mugged when he meets the mysterious Philip... #GGR http://t ...
  • Wed, 06:23: RT @wittegenpress: Wanted, companion for a lady - must be 16 to 18, 5'6'' and with dark hair ... Able to read and write... #GGS http://t ...
  • Wed, 08:53: RT @wittegenpress: Zac cringed away, but one arm came round his shoulders, while a hand smothered his yell... #GGBYT
  • Wed, 10:11: Watched Stir of Echoes again last night (originally to check multi zone blu-ray player) - had forgotten how good a film it was.
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    Mon, 09:21: RT @ Queerty: The #Queerties are here! Congratulations to STUDIO MOVIE nominee @ oldguardmovie. Vote for all your #LGBTQ

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    Sun, 10:38: RT @ evigth555: The Old Guard Breakfast(1/2) Translation by Deepl, Google and me

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    Sat, 10:13: RT @ straczynski: It is a night of great sadness, for our friend and comrade had gone down the road where we cannot reach her. But…

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