Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Birthdays 1st Jan - 20th Jan 2013

Happy Birthday to:

legomymalfoy, [personal profile] jnnymdsn, missakins/[personal profile] missakins, midnightangel70, [personal profile] ocea, saigestar, angelofmercy for the 1st,
feygan, sdkshelly, venivincere/[personal profile] venivincere for the 2nd,
cocohufflepuffs, [personal profile] bard2003, skytheuplight, colored_image, crestoinnocence for the 3rd,
beldarancara, mentarossa for the 4th,
allotheralt, [personal profile] megan_sage, dark_squall for the 5th,
skyeisfalling, [personal profile] foi_nefaste, zeenell, ladyclio16, [personal profile] ladyclio16, zeenell/[personal profile] zeenell for the 6th,
ridicu_liz, sarahsan, noeon for the 7th,
darcellie, [personal profile] hardticket for the 8th,
youko_silvara, fireblooms, rae_1985/[personal profile] rae_1985 for the 9th,
shinko, [personal profile] mercurywater, [Bad username: sexylittlefeet22] for the 10th,
pomkeygeekange/[personal profile] pomkeygeekange for the 11th,
winter_noir, pixidthelurker for the 12th,
filodea, slashaddict13, snottygrrl for the 13th,
snailfin, [personal profile] ilyena_sylph, yorkybar, [personal profile] kymethra, gajastar/[personal profile] gajastar, lynntownsend for yesterday,
closetidentity, jadeleopard, edge_is_strong for today,
em_rose483/[personal profile] emilyexorsist, black_and_bloom, epona34 for tomorrow,
lady_razzle, libel for the 17th,
slytherinboyz, [personal profile] elesteria, empire3k, nanathecat for the 18th,
slice14414 for the 19th and
medieval1066, fides/[personal profile] fides, closet_bound, [personal profile] irish_dragon, cock_and_logic for the 20th

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