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Fandom shames and stuff ...

Firstly if you commented on my latest fic and have not had a reply yet it's not because I don't love you, it's because I can't look at that page from work and I didn't have a chance to answer last night :). Don't really want to have someone in IT have a look at the fic and then have to explain, that no I wasn't reading it, I was answering the comments because I wrote it ::g::.

Fandom Shame
1. I have a filing cabinet draw at home full of fic written in notepads and on plain paper; one of these is a Star Trek fic which has a huge Mary Sue in it. She did not go crazy like katemonkey's, but it's worse; she had a thing for Weasley Crusher, so come to think of it maybe she was crazy to begin with ::g::.
2. When I first started writing fanfic I had a real thing for hurt/comfort - so much so that my V stories are nothing but Kyle being beaten, twisted and basically having very bad days ::g::. Luckily for me, I was not online until way after that stage. (Y'know, sometimes I feel sorry for the youngsters these days - they get to make their hideous mistakes in public).
3. I don't comment enough - I mean to, but I get distracted and forget.
4. I have written fanfic for a show I had not seen st the time - luckily for me I never finished the fic, so I never published it, so my innacuracies we not on view for the world. Yes Tem, it was Sentinel. Of course I could always have claimed I was glossing over the plot holes and inconsistancies in the actual show, which I can say having now seen it ::g::.
5. I'll forgive just about anything for plot - I've read fic that would make some people run screaming because I liked the plot.

There is bound to be more, but I have to work now ::g::.

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